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IMPORTANT NOTE FOR BLUE CART CREW MEMBERS: Please reduce Blue Bag expenses and keep trash bills low: Always fill your Blue Bags to the top! The cost of Blue Bags have nearly doubled. Don't rush your Blue Bags to the curb on Trash Day ... use your Blue Bags efficiently and fill them to the top! Learn more about Blue Bag recycling and how you can help keep trash bills low.


Yard Waste Services

When Is My Collection Day?



The City of St. Peters provides both curbside yard waste collection for residents as well as yard waste drop-off, processing and lawn/garden product sales at our Earth Centre yard waste and compost center at 115 Ecology Drive. DO NOT place yard waste in your regular trash cart or in Blue Bags. Missouri state law prohibits the disposal of yard waste in landfills.


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Curbside Yard Waste Collection

The City of St. Peters provides weekly curbside yard waste collection for single-family homes in St. Peters. This service is provided throughout most of the year, with the exception of a winter break during the month of February. Download the STP COLLECTS mobile app for Collection Day Reminders!

Brown Carts for Yard Waste Only

Each single-family St. Peters household may use one City of St. Peters Brown Cart for curbside collection of yard waste only at no cost to our customer. Brown Carts provide an easy way to collect yard waste and place it curbside for our automated trucks to pick up on collection day. We require that our customers use Brown Carts for curbside disposal of yard waste, although we do allow use of yard waste bags for leaves at certain times of the year detailed below under “Yard Waste Bags.”

Yes! Put in My Yard Waste Brown Cart: Grass clippings, leaves, tree limbs up to 3 feet long, weeds, garden waste. These items will be processed at our Earth Centre yard waste and compost center.

NO! Do Not Put in My Yard Waste Brown Cart: Garbage and trash, dirt, rocks, sod, plastic bags, animal waste, wood or lumber.


NO! Do Not Overstuff Your Brown Cart: Due to our collection equipment restraints, we are unable to collect yard waste that extends more than 12 inches from the top of the Brown Cart.

When Do I Place My Brown Cart at the Curb? Place yard waste Brown Carts at the curb by 6:30 a.m. on collection days, but no earlier than 6 p.m. the previous day. Holidays may affect the date your yard waste is collected. Check our collection schedules to find all of your home’s yard waste service dates.

Can I Get More Yard Waste Carts? Yes, we offer additional yard waste carts for an annual fee of $15 per cart. To order, call 636-970-1456.


If it didn't grow in your yard, it doesn't belong in your Brown Cart gif a



Grass clippings • Leaves • Tree limbs up to 3 feet long • Weeds • Garden waste

If it didn't grown in your yard, it doesn't belong in your Brown Cart!


St. Peters’ Earth Centre processes the yard waste that we collect from Brown Carts to help make the award-winning GOLD GROW biosolids Class A compost. Yard waste customers help us create compost by using Brown Carts only for yard waste. Never use your Brown Cart for trash! 


If it didn’t grow in your yard, it doesn’t belong in your Brown Cart!

Yard Waste Bags

Normally, the City of St. Peters requires that customers use their Brown Carts for curbside service. However, there are times of the year when we allow exceptions for yard waste bags:
  • During the fall months of October, November and December, you may use yard waste bags for LEAVES ONLY for curbside collection.
  • In March, customers may use yard waste bags for curbside disposal of leaves and garden materials
  • A maximum of 20 yard waste bags may be placed curbside on collection day.

Bulky Brush

Bulky brush not over 8 feet in length may be scheduled in advance for collection during bulky item collection dates. Click here to schedule bulky trash collection.



St. Peters Earth Centre

Yard Waste & Compost Center

115 Ecology Dr.





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