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Sustainability Focus Committee

Parks, Recreation & Arts Advisory Board

The Sustainability Focus Committee reports its findings and recommendations to the St. Peters Parks, Recreation & Arts Advisory Board.



 March 8, 2022 Agenda

October 6, 2020 Agenda


Identify and share environmental activities within our City that enhance the quality of life, protect the environment, and keeps our community healthy, safe, and sustainable.



The St. Peters Sustainability Focus Group is about education and outreach to foster understanding of sustainable behavior by our citizens, business and services. We provide information on actions that individuals, businesses and organizations can take to mitigate the environmental issues we face today and promote environmental conservation. We strive to foster community-based social action for change.



  • People want to live in a healthy, sustainable community.
  • Sustainability is about people, the planet and profit.
  • Residents and the City need to take the lead in protecting the environment and validating the seriousness of climate change.





Want to reduce waste and save energy at your home? CLICK HERE FOR IDEAS FROM THE SUSTAINABILITY FOCUS GROUP (PDF)


Alderman Gregg Sartorius and Alderman Melissa Reimer serve as Aldermanic representatives to the Sustainability Focus Committee.