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Street Maintenance


Asphalt Repair

How often do you get in your car to reach work, school, stores, restaurants, entertainment and so on? The City of St. Peters maintains 547 lane miles of streets for your transportation needs. The Street Department is responsible for all of our street and sidewalk repairs. When snow falls, the Street Department also heads the Snow Removal Team responsible for plowing snow and clearing ice. Learn more below about street maintenance in St. Peters:


Annual Pavement Maintenance


Concrete Repair





The Street Department operates a Pavement Management Program to help determine which City of St. Peters streets are most in need of repairs. As part of this program, each street in St. Peters has its condition rated on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest-possible rating. These ratings are entered into a database. The lowest-rated streets receive the highest priority for maintenance.

The streets in our community are made of either asphalt or concrete. Approximately 195 lane miles (36%) of the streets are constructed of asphalt and 353 lane miles (64%) are constructed of concrete, for a total of 547 lane miles.


Asphalt street repairs range from sealing cracks with a rubberized asphalt material, patching potholes with asphalt material, to completely paving over the street with asphalt. If the street is scheduled to be overlaid with a new surface layer of asphalt, any damaged curbs will be replaced first. Then, a two-inch layer of asphalt will be removed using a milling process so that when the new surface is put down, it will be even with the existing concrete gutter.


Concrete streets consist of a series of concrete slabs. These slabs expand and contract due to the weather, causing wear and tear on the joints between slabs. Maintenance can involve sealing cracks and worn joints with a rubberized asphalt material, patching potholes with an asphalt filler, or completely replacing concrete slabs.


Sidewalk Maintenance Program

Similar to the street maintenance program, the City of St. Peters regularly inspects and repairs sidewalks. St. Peters maintains 95 miles of public sidewalks and 507 accessible ramps along streets throughout the City, including both residential and commercial areas. We believe it's important to provide high-quality surfaces for pedestrians, the same as we do for cars.


Learn more about the sidewalk maintenance program by downloading the Pavement Management Book above.



Snow Removal



In December 1998, the City adopted a Snow and Ice Control Plan that gets updated each year before the winter season. SEE THE LATEST SNOW AND ICE CONTROL PLAN (pdf document).




1) Park your car on the driveway.

2) Move solid waste carts to your driveway.

This allows snow plow drivers to clear snow quickly and place de-icing chemicals evenly. Learn more below.



Snow PlowWhen snow and ice blankets our streets in St. Peters, you can be assured of having a large fleet of heavy equipment and drivers working snow removal routes round-the-clock for you. The City of St. Peters' Snow Removal Team first tackles arterial and major collector roads like Mexico Road, Mid Rivers Mall Drive, Jungermann Road, Willott Road and McClay Road. The team then moves to minor and local collector streets that motorists use to get to the arterial roads. Next, the team takes on residential streets. The team uses a variety of trucks—some as heavy as three elephants—to clear snow and place salt and other de-icing chemicals. They often have to fight through difficult driving conditions to make our streets passable and safe. Drivers should steer clear of these large vehicles for your safety and theirs.


You also play a part in the snow removal effort on your street. Remove as many obstructions from the street as possible so the snow trucks can clear snow quickly and place de-icing chemicals evenly. Park cars and place solid waste containers on your driveway, rather than on the street, while snow removal operations are taking place. This simple step will allow the Snow Removal Team to clear your street much faster and keep your street safe after the street is cleared. Snow crews are often called back to remove snow and ice piled around parked cars or other obstructions. These extra trips cost you, the taxpayer, for extra fuel, vehicle maintenance and possibly overtime pay.


Snow Removal GraphicTo minimize the amount of snow deposited in front of your driveway by City snow removal operations, clear the snow from the front of your driveway and adjacent curb. Place this snow on the side of your driveway away from oncoming traffic. This will create an area for excess snow from the snow plow to be deposited in a way that will not block access to the driveway (see graphic).


Driveway Access Snow Removal Program

The Driveway Access Snow Removal Program also addresses removing snow in the public right-of-way in front of the driveways of seniors and people with disabilities. LEARN MORE.

SPTV Weather Live

Tune into the SPTV St. Peters TeleVision government access channel for the latest weather conditions. Check out our continuous ticker crawl at the bottom of the screen for weather and news. During severe weather conditions, SPTV interrupts its regular broadcast schedule to show a live traffic camera and weather radar. LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW YOU CAN WATCH SPTV LIVE ON TV AND ONLINE.

Streets Department:

636-477-6600, ext 1340

Hours: 7 a.m.-3:30 p.m., Mon-Fri



Did You Know?

If we could straighten out all of the street pavement managed by the City of St. Peters and turn them into a long two-lane road, it would stretch across the state of Missouri into Kansas.

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