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Starting a New Business in St. Peters


Thank you for choosing St. Peters as the proposed location of your business. We are here to serve you and make your "opening experiences" with the City as easy as possible. This guide is not intended to be comprehensive, but rather to direct inquiries on specific questions. For detailed information, inquire with the Licensing Office at City Hall at ext. 1232 at either 636-477-6600 or 636-278-2244.




Before signing a lease or purchasing a building site, make certain your intended use is compatible with the City of St. Peters Zoning Code.

Click here to review the City Code. Zoning and signage regulations are located in Section 405 of City Code.


Occupancy Permit

All new businesses as well as businesses with a change in use, tenancy or ownership must obtain an Occupancy Permit. An Occupancy Permit is issued after inspection approval by the City Building Department and the Fire Protection District.



To ensure compliance with the City and Fire District codes, every new business and every change of use, tenancy or ownership must have inspection approval of the premises by the City Building Department and the appropriate Fire Protection District prior to opening. Any new construction or alterations to the structural, plumbing, or electrical systems require the appropriate City Permits.


For City inspections call ext. 1670 at either 636-477-6600 or 636-278-2244.


For Fire District Inspections call:

  • Central County Fire & Rescue at 636.970.9700
  • Cottleville Fire Protection District 636.447.6655 


Food Service Establishments

Food service establishments must have an inspection approval from the City Health Department. To schedule an inspection, call ext. 1409 at either 636-278-2244 or 636-477-6600.


Business Registration/Development

Most companies doing business in Missouri must register with the State. Unincorporated businesses must also file if they do business under any title other than the actual name of the owner. For specific information on incorporation, registration procedures, fictitious name, etc., contact:

Corporations Division
Office of the Secretary of State
P.O. Box 778
Jefferson City, Missouri 65102
573.751.4153 or 314.340.7490


For information on State-assisted Job Training Programs, Missouri State tax credit and other related areas, contact the St. Peters Economic Development Office, ext. 1305 at either 636-278-2244 or 636-477-6600.


License Renewal

Business licenses expire on December 31 of each year. City licenses are not automatically renewed. Renewal applications will be mailed to all licensees in November. The completed application and fee must be returned for processing by December 31. When the application renewal is approved, a new license will be issued effective January 1. Penalty fees are applied for issuance of renewal licenses after January 1.


All businesses are to be current in the payment of all taxes to the Director of Revenue before renewing their business license. All delinquent taxpayers will be required to present a Statement of No Tax Due.


Water and Sewer Service

You can start your water and other City utility services online and stop service online. CLICK HERE for more information about utility service.

CLICK HERE to learn more about utility billing or call the Utility Billing Department at 636-477-6600, ext. 1217. Office hours are 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Monday-Friday, except on holidays.

If you need water or sewer connection to the premises, call 636-477-6600, ext. 1670. An inspection and connection fee will be required.


Trash and Recycling

Commercial solid waste and recycling services are available. CLICK HERE for more information.

Use Sales Tax Code

On Sales Tax Returns to the State, be sure to use St. Peters’ City Tax Code #65126. This will ensure your business is credited with collecting the proper amount of tax.


Cigarette Tax

There is a Cigarette Tax in the City of St. Peters of five cents per pack. You may wish to notify your local distributor of this tax; to file reports with the State call 573-751-7163.


Missouri Business Portal

Check out the state's Missouri Business Portal website to find out all you need to know about how to start and maintain a business in the state of Missouri. For business-related questions, call the State of Missouri at 866-870-6500.