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St. Peters Solid Waste Services

  • STP COLLECTS App: Get trash and recycling schedules and reminders! Download the app to your mobile device: Google Play or Apple store

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In St. Peters, we strive to offer the most innovative, cost-effective collection service possible—and that includes efforts to recycle, reduce and reuse materials whenever possible.


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Articles about Waste Collection

For information, call 636-970-1456.


STP COLLECTS App Gets Rave Reviews!

Get Our STP COLLECTS App today and never miss Trash Day again! Both Android and Apple users give it nearly a perfect 5 stars! Here are some of the rave reviews:


Google Play:

"Easy place to check holiday schedules."

"Love the reminders for pick up and the search function is great. I like being able to see if something should go in the recycling bags or trash. Several times I have been wrong about where an item should go, I didn't know black plastic isn't able to be recycled!"

"Very helpful. Especially on days after holidays"

"Can never remember the bulk pickup date, this app solved that. Thx"

"This app is just another example of the great services available in St Peters"

Apple Store:

"The best app for residents of Saint Peters!

"Wow, I just cannot explain how much this app has been REALLY REALLY beneficial for our household! No more trying to remember what day is what or how the holiday may or may not have affected the pickup schedule! St Peters is my hometown!"

"Great App for St Peters Residents

"This is loaded with information to help me recycle and find out my collection days for bulky pickups. It is really helpful when a holiday comes around to tell me if my trash pick up has been delayed. Thank you."

"Seriously whomever made this app just for Saint Peters trash pickup schedules you’ve made a fantastic app and should be acknowledged. Beautiful layout, excellent reminders, just overall very well put together! Wanted to make sure the developers of the app know their work is recognized."

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