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Snow and Ice Removal


Snow and Ice Removal Plan

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The City of St. Peters updates our Snow and Ice Control Plan (pdf document) each year before the winter season. During winter weather events, our Snow and Ice Removal Team works around the clock to clear our streets using a large fleet of heavy equipment. The team first tackles arterial and major collector roads like Mexico Road, Mid Rivers Mall Drive, Jungermann Road, Willott Road and McClay Road. The team then moves to minor and local collector streets that drivers use to get to the arterial roads. Next, the team takes on residential streets.


The team uses a variety of trucks—some as heavy as three elephants—to clear snow and place salt and other de-icing chemicals. They often have to fight through difficult driving conditions to make our streets passable and safe. Drivers should steer clear of these large vehicles for your safety and theirs.

After clearing roads, team members address the Driveway Access Snow Removal Program (more information below).



St. Peters residents can report weather-related concerns to the St. Peters Snow Line at 636-477-6600, ext. 1738. If there is no answer, please leave a detailed message.



How Residents Can Help


As a resident you play an important part in helping with snow and ice removal operations during a winter storm. Here are some things you can do (or avoid doing) that can be very helpful when snow and ice hits:

  • Do NOT park on the street.* Park your car on the driveway or garage.
  • Move solid waste carts to the edge of your driveway.* Do not place them near the curb line in the street. Again, this allows snow plow drivers to clear snow more quickly and effectively.
  • NEVER park vehicles in front of your driveway* to eliminate snow buildup at your home. This can result in your vehicle being blocked in and surrounded by snow from plows having to maneuver around your vehicle.
  • Do NOT try to pass snow plows on roadways, and don't follow too closely. Stay back a safe distance, and keep in mind that the salt thrown by salt spreaders could damage your vehicle if you're following too closely.
  • Reduce unnecessary travel and stay off roadways whenever possible during a winter storm. Traffic congestion slows plows and delays snow and ice removal operations.


*Moving obstacles such as cars and solid waste containers from the street allows the Snow and Ice Removal Team to clear your street much more effectively and keep your street safe after the street is cleared. Snow plows drivers can clear snow more quickly and place de-icing chemicals evenly when roads are free of obstacles. Snow crews are often called back to remove snow and ice piled around parked cars or other obstructions. These extra trips cost you, the taxpayer, for extra fuel, vehicle maintenance and possibly overtime pay.

Below, you can see an animated gif showing a series of Go Pro stills from a snow plow driver's perspective. Notice how challenging parked cars make snow removal, especially when a vehicle is parked on a court at the end of the street:


Series of Go Pro stills of snow plow on court with car on street 


Shoveling Tip

To minimize the amount of snow deposited in front of your driveway by City snow removal operations, clear the snow from the front of your driveway and adjacent curb. Place this snow on the side of your driveway away from oncoming traffic. This will create an area for excess snow from the snow plow to be deposited in a way that will not block access to the driveway (see graphic).

Snow Plow Diagram Color 


SPTV Weather Live


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Tune into the SPTV St. Peters TeleVision government access channel for the latest weather conditions. Check out our continuous ticker crawl at the bottom of the screen for weather and news. During severe weather conditions, SPTV interrupts its regular broadcast schedule to show a live traffic camera and weather radar. Learn more about SPTV ...


Driveway Access Snow Removal Program



When it snows, the City of St. Peters Snow and Ice Removal Team works around the clock in 12-hour shifts to clear snow from our streets. The Driveway Access Snow Removal Program also addresses removing snow in the public right-of-way in front of the driveways of seniors and people with disabilities.


The Driveway Access Snow Removal Program is open for application to residents who:


  1.  Live in a private, single-family, residential home; and
  2.  Are age 62 or older, or who have been diagnosed with a medical condition that limits their ability to remove snow.


If you qualify, this program will allow you to register your name on a list for the City to respond when you have more than 6 inches of snow pushed into your driveway in the public right-of-way. After clearing roads, the Snow and Ice Removal Team will tend to driveway access for residents in this special snow removal program. The program will only clear snow in the public right-of-way, which usually reaches several feet from the street into the driveway.


If you are a previous registrant who was approved for the Driveway Access Snow Removal Program because you met the age requirement of 62 years or older, you MAY REGISTER ONLINE NOW.


For all other registrants, forms (in PDF format) are available for download here:



If you believe you are eligible, you may fill out these documents and bring them or mail them to: St. Peters City Hall, RE: Driveway Access Snow Removal Program, One St. Peters Centre Blvd, St. Peters, Mo., 63376. You also can request an application be mailed to you by calling City Hall, 636-477-6600, ext. 1225. City Hall hours are 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday through Friday, except on holidays.


Be prepared to provide proof of age or documentation verifying a medical condition of disability that limits your ability to remove snow. For more information, call the Streets Department at 636-477-6600, ext. 1340.


SNOW LINE for winter weather-related emergencies: 636-477-6600, ext. 1738


Streets Department General Information: 636-477-6600, ext. 1340.

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