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Residential Curbside Trash Service



The City of St. Peters provides automated trash collection with twice-a-week curbside collection (Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday), a convenient Blue Bag recycling program, and a roll-out trash container furnished by the City at no extra charge. See below for more information about regularly scheduled trash pickup service in St. Peters.




St. Peters Solid Waste Services also offers solutions for large items disposal, bulky trash scheduling, walk-in trash disposal, roll-off containers and 300-gallon trash containers.


Preparing for Regularly Scheduled Trash Pickup Service

  • Use ONLY the container furnished by the City. All refuse must go inside this container. Place the container AT THE CURB by 6:30 a.m. on collection days, but not earlier than 6 p.m. of the previous evening. The wheels and the handle should face your home.
  • Keep the container 4 feet from any obstructions (i.e., car, mailboxes, streetlights, etc.) so the collection truck can easily approach the container.
  • Bring the container forward past the curb if parked cars are a constant problem.
  • Be a good neighbor. When not in use, please store your container “out of sight” from the street. Your neighborhood will look nicer. You will reduce scavenging and decrease the risk of your container being stolen.
  • Click here to learn more about large item collection services.


Materials Not Accepted for Trash Collection:

Hazardous materials are not collected. Please read the label of the item for proper disposal directions.

DO NOT place the following  items in your trash container:

  • paint
  • solvents
  • motor oil
  • pesticides
  • yard waste or dirt (learn about yard waste collection services)
  • hot ashes (learn more below)
  • flammable items including propane tanks
  • construction or demolition debris
  • concrete or plaster
  • automotive parts, including tires, car batteries or motor oil
  • fiberglass boats

NOTE: Some of the hazardous materials listed above are accepted for drop off at Recycle City or St. Charles County Recycle Works.


Proper Disposal of Sharps

What are "sharps?" Sharps are hypodermic needles, syringes with needles attached or needles from infusion sets. Diabetics and others who use sharps must dispose of them in a safe manner. Placing these items directly into the trash or in a BLUE BAG causes a health risk for disposal workers.

There is an easy, safe way to dispose of hypodermic needles and syringes. Place used sharps in a heavy-duty, puncture-resistant container such as a used plastic detergent or bleach bottle. Before placing in the trash, put one teaspoon of bleach in the container and screw the lid tightly closed. The final step is to secure the lid to the container using a heavy-duty tape such as duct tape.

Too often, needles are disposed of improperly and end up loose at the recycling plant where materials are hand-sorted. This poses a health risk to workers. Residents of St. Peters are reminded that sharps or containers of sharps MUST NOT be placed into a BLUE BAG for recycling and loose sharps must not be placed in the trash.

For more information about sharps disposal, call 636-970-1456.


Disposing of Fireplace, Firepit or Barbecue Ashes

Before throwing ashes in the trash from your barbecue pit, fire pit or fireplace, remember to place them in a metal container and store them outside so that the ashes cool. Fire officials recommend that the ashes cool for a week before placing them in your trash cart. Even after such time, it’s recommended that you stir the ashes to verify there are no glowing coals before throwing them in the trash.


Ashes that are not properly disposed of can ignite in the trash and cause a house fire. Or, they can ignite a fire in the trash truck causing costly damage.


For information, call 636-970-1456.

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