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St. Peters Ranger Enforcement Division

In 1994 the City saw a need for a dedicated unit to patrol and secure City parks and recreational facilities. The St. Peters Ranger Enforcement Division was created in March 1994. In October 2015, the oversight of the Ranger Division moved to the St. Peters Police Department. The Ranger Division currently consists of five full-time Rangers operating under the Special Services Division of the Police Department.





Authority of St. Peters Rangers

St. Peters Rangers are Missouri POST certified law enforcement officers and are held to the same training standards and qualifications as other St. Peters police officers. They are police officers assigned to the Ranger Division and have full and equal authority to conduct investigations and arrests. 

The principal jurisdiction of the Ranger Enforcement Division is parks and recreational areas/facilities in the City of St. Peters. A majority of patrolling is done on foot which allows for increased contact with residents. The Ranger Enforcement Division also has mountain bikes and SUV's for trail patrols. Rangers do a majority of their patrolling on the 20+ miles of trails and the 25 parks located throughout the City of St. Peters. While traveling from park to park, the Rangers can also be seen patrolling in subdivisions providing additional security to our residents to supplement the patrol of the other uniformed officers. Residents may see our Rangers assisting on accident scenes, medical cases or other emergencies.


The one-of-a-kind, 236,000-square-foot St. Peters Rec Plex is patrolled by the Ranger Enforcement Division, which is responsible for the safety and security of patrons as well as the oversight of numerous local, state and national events held there every year. 


As 370 Lakeside Park continues to add amenities, the Rangers are instrumental in providing a controlled facility where all can enjoy camping, archery, fishing and the newly commissioned St. Peters Rotary Club Dog Park. 


The most common violations that Rangers need to address are reminding park goers that:


  • City parks open at sunrise and close at sunset or dark.
  • Glass bottles are not allowed in City parks.
  • The City's leash law must be observed when taking your pets into City parks.




Ranger Community Events



The St. Peters Rangers main priority is overseeing the parks and other municipal facilities to assure that our citizens can enjoy facilities in a safe and secure atmosphere. In order to further enhance Community Relations, the Rangers sponsor a number of youth events in City Parks such as the Kite Festival and Fishing Derby.


Click here to check our calendar of events to stay up-to-date on Ranger programs.






The Ranger Enforcement Division offices are at the St. Peters Police Department located at 1020 Grand Teton Drive.


Contact Number: 636-278-2244 ext. 3416

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