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Rec-Plex Personal Trainers

Personal TrainingYou have a goal: Get your body in better shape, or go to the next level of fitness. Where to start? The Rec-Plex has nationally certified personal trainers who know how to help you get the best results out of your workout. They can lead you on your quest to gain energy, increase endurance and strength, lose weight or sculpt your body, and just feel better about yourself. Did you suffer an injury? Our certified personal trainers can help you recover. You can get help no matter your age or your current condition. You also have the option of reducing the cost by training with a friend.


Personal trainers work with you to set appointments that fit your schedule. Package rates and team rates also are available. To schedule an appointment, call 636-939-2386, ext. 1640, or email


CLICK HERE to check out all of our personal training options, including Training Sessions with a Friend and a Dietary Consultation.


The Rec-Plex also has a PERSONAL TRAINER ON DUTY at certain times throughout the week. Learn more about our Personal Trainer on Duty program and how you can get FREE tips from a fitness professional!




Personal Training Initial Consultation (your first step)

FEE: $90 (two-hour session)

FREE FOR GOLD PLUS MEMBERS! Learn more about Rec-Plex memberships.

The first step for personal training is to gather individual information, including your health background, so that the personal trainer can put together a safe, effective fitness plan for you. The second step is to set personal goals that could vary from toning your body to enhancing your current workout plan to simply getting started exercising. Upon request, the personal trainer will gather baseline information so you can track your progress during your workout program.


Personal Trainer Sessions (after Initial Consultation)

After you've completed an initial consultation, it's time to plan one-on-one workouts with your personal trainer. Start your journey to fitness knowing that a trained and nationally certified professional will lead you along the way! Here are our packages:

  • Single one-hour session for $58
  • 5 one-hour sessions for $263 ($52.60 per session)*
  • 10 one-hour sessions for $462 ($46.20 per session)*
  • 20 one-hour sessions for $869($43.45 per session)*

Training Sessions with a Friend (after Initial Consultations)

Train with a close friend or family member and share the costs and experience of getting in shape! Each person must complete an initial consultation with a personal trainer before scheduling Training Sessions with a Friend. Here are the packages available:

  • Single one-hour session for $64 ($32 per person)
  • 5 sessions for $300 ($30/session per person)*
  • 10 sessions for $546 ($27.30/session per person)*
  • 20 sessions for $1,008 ($25.20/session per person)*


*Session packages are non-refundable.



Personal Training



Dietary Consultation

FEE: $59 (one-hour session)

A licensed, registered dietitian will look at your caloric consumption and lifestyle habits to help recommend a healthy dietary program suited just for you. (Dietary consultations are available only on an individual basis.)


PLEASE NOTE: Prices and offerings on the website are subject to change. To verify current pricing and information, call 636-939-2386, ext. 1640.


NOTE: All prices are subject to change.