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Personal Trainer on Duty

Do you have a question about how to work out or use the fitness equipment at the Rec-Plex? Ask our “Personal Trainer on Duty” and get tips from a trained professional—at no extra cost to Rec-Plex customers! You can find our Personal Trainer on Duty in the Rec-Plex’s Fitness Rooms during these peak times:



Monday: 8-10 a.m., 4:30-7:30 p.m.

Wednesday: 4:30-7:30 p.m.

Thursday: 7-9 a.m.

Saturday: 8-11 a.m.






Click on the names below to learn more about our Personal Trainers on Duty:



Jo Sharp

Rec-Plex Personal Trainer on Duty




Jo Sharp has a passion for fitness and loves to work with people. That combination naturally led her to a career as a personal trainer. And, after graduating with an Exercise Science degree from Cedarville University in Ohio, the St. Peters native came back home to work as a personal trainer for the St. Peters Rec-Plex.


“I love the interaction with people and getting to influence their lives,” Jo says. “Because I’m passionate about fitness, and I also just love people, getting to be able to combine those two things is really special. And, I really enjoy it … especially when people see results, and they didn’t think they could do it.”


Jo is one of the Rec-Plex’s many nationally certified personal trainers. She attained her certification from the American College of Sports Medicine. While at college, she also interned at a privately owned training studio, working with a diverse clientele of everyday people, body builders and athletes.


She likes to find out what exercises clients have tried and what they like and don’t like when she starts training with them. “I try to incorporate what they’re familiar with as well as introduce things that have similar movements to it, and not completely new to them, but also working in things that are fun,” Jo says. “It can’t be random, but there needs to be variety to it, or you just get bored.”


You might have met Jo at the Rec-Plex before she started working as a Personal Trainer on Duty. She previously taught swim lessons and worked the Front Desk. She also leads morning Aqua Aerobics classes and teaches a family fitness class for ages 5-8.


Don’t hesitate to come talk to Jo when you see her working as a Personal Trainer on Duty. She has taught a number of Rec-Plex customers how to use various machines. Or, she can show you a variety of ways to use the same cardio machine for an even better workout.


“Some people think it’s just a treadmill, all you can do is jog on it,” Jo says. “Well, you can do sprints. You can jack up the incline and do uphill walks. You can do uphill sprints. There’s a variety of different things you can do on different machines. You just have to get creative with it.”




Scott Kohler

Rec-Plex Personal Trainer on Duty



Rec-Plex personal trainer Scott Kohler wants you to be fit, true. But, first, he's interested in building a foundation that will help his clients get rid of pain, or avoid injury down the road. And, that means getting rid of bad movement patterns before working on fitness training.


Scott says he specializes in helping people return from rehabilitation and teaching them how to move so that they don't reinjure themselves. "Where the physical therapist drops someone off back to fully functional, that's where I like to specialize to get the body working properly again," Scott says.


After all, it was his own sports injuries that led Scott to personal training. He always exercised, lifted and played sports. But, when he hurt his back and then his knee playing soccer, that's when Scott got more interested in learning how the body works and what to do to avoid injury. So, when he meets with a client, he asks about the client's goals, and then he works to build a solid foundation to reach those goals.


"Tons of people have a nagging back injury, shoulder, knees … once you get the body working out properly, that stuff goes away," Scott says.


Scott is certified as a personal trainer through the National Exercise and Sports Training Association. He also is certified in Functional Moving Screening and Resistance Band Training.