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Meals on Wheels Voluntary Utility Round Up Program



The City of St. Peters’ award-winning Voluntary Utility Round-Up Program is now accepting donations through the online St. Peters BillPay service!


Meals on Wheels Delivery-Rhonda and Mary-6573-WEB 
Meals on Wheels home delivery, July 2018 


Since 2012, St. Peters utility customers have done their part to make sure the Meals on Wheels Program will continue to deliver hot meals to homebound seniors in our area through the award-winning Voluntary Utility Round Up Program.


The Meals on Wheels Program in St. Peters was facing elimination after state and federal funding was cut in 2011.  In January 2012, the City of St. Peters placed a box on utility bills that gives utility customers the option to donate to the Meals on Wheels program when they pay their utility bill. Utility customers have responded positively by donating thousands of dollars to the program since January 2012.


Some participating customers have simply rounded up their utility payments to the next dollar amount, while others have added up to several dollars to their payment. The Voluntary Utility Round Up Program was recognized with a 2014 Innovation Award from the Missouri Municipal League.


Meals on Wheels volunteers at the Mayor Tom Brown Senior Center in St. Peters deliver about 150 hot meals a day, Monday through Friday. Without these home deliveries, many area seniors would not be able to remain independent in their homes.


“These are seniors who can’t cook for themselves for a number of reasons. That alone makes this service so valuable,” said Mayor Len Pagano. “But even more than the food, the volunteers may be the only visitor these people see all day to bring a smile and brighten their lives. It truly is a wonderful program.”


“I want to thank everyone who is participating and making donations to the Meals on Wheels program because it is so important to the survival of the program,” said Senior Center Manager Teri Fletcher. “The program is available for any senior who needs it. Whether the need is temporary or on a long-term basis, we can help.”


If you would like to donate, fill in the amount you wish to contribute in the designated box on your utility bill and add that amount to your payment. Or, send your donation directly to the Mayor Tom Brown Senior Center Meals on Wheels Program, 108 McMenamy Road, St. Peters, Mo., 63376. Make your check payable to the Mayor Tom Brown Senior Center and write “Meals on Wheels” in the memo. You may also choose to donate through the online St. Peters BillPay service!


If you would like to request home-delivered meals, or to learn about volunteering to deliver meals to homebound seniors, call 636-278-1609.