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Mayor Len Pagano


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Mayor Len Pagano for St. Peters, Missouri


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Leonard B. "Len" Pagano lives in Hanover Crossing and has been a St. Peters resident since 1976. He was honorably discharged from both the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy. He is a high school graduate and took specialty courses at both St. Charles County and Florissant Valley Community Colleges. He is retired from Unilever HPC where he worked as St. Louis Plant Warehouse Coordinator. He and his wife, Joyce, have three children, eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Mayor Pagano has served the City of St. Peters as an elected official since 1983. He was a Ward 3 Alderman from 1983-2007. In April 2007, he was elected Mayor of St. Peters to fill a vacancy. He was re-elected to full, four-year terms as Mayor in 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2020.


Mayor Pagano currently serves on the President’s Advisory Board on Community for Lindenwood University, is an Executive Board Member for Metro Mayors of St. Louis and serves on the Executive Board for Missouri Mayors United. Mayor Pagano was recently appointed to the Missouri Municipal League Board of Directors


"The City of St. Peters welcomes you! The information contained in our website will help you to become familiar with each of the City’s elected and appointed officials. It will also provide you with valuable information about services, local ordinances and opportunities for citizen participation. I encourage you to become knowledgeable about your City and take an active role in your City government. Stay involved!"



Message from Mayor Pagano

Roadwork Ahead

It’s that time of year when our Streets Department is very busy with road repairs and improvement projects. Perhaps you’ve seen some asphalt or concrete crews in your neighborhood. These employees work hard, sometimes in very hot conditions, to make it easier for us all to “get from here to there.” So, when you see a “Roadwork Ahead” sign, please slow down, be cautious, and be on the lookout for streets workers. “Give them a 'brake'!”

Our Pavement Management Program is a well-planned effort to keep our community’s streets maintained to the best level possible at the lowest reasonable costs to taxpayers. Our City staff tracks conditions of our roads and makes repairs each construction season. You can visit this web page to see all of the roads that are on the 2021 list of pavement project updates and which projects are complete. These annual improvements include asphalt overlay projects, concrete slab replacements, and curb replacements, but they also include projects that extend the life of our roads by sealing joints and cracks.

On the Street Maintenance web page, you can download the entire 2021 Pavement Management Program Book for the City of St. Peters. This book includes all you need to know about our Pavement Management Program, and if you’re looking ahead, you can see what street repair projects that we’re planning for 2022.

Meanwhile, if you’re interested in what types of major construction projects are “down the road” in St. Peters, you can visit our Transportation Improvement Projects web page. This page includes larger projects that improve travel in our community, whether you’re driving, walking, or riding a bike. One project that will begin soon along McClay Road will make another connection to our regional greenway trail system. This improvement will take place along the north side of McClay from McClay Village Drive to Hackmann Road.

Again, please remember to drive carefully through the work zone!

One other important thing: It’s Independence Day soon, and I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating our nation’s birthday. But, please, remember: Fireworks are illegal to sell or shoot off within City limits. You’ve probably noticed fireworks stands located close to City of St. Peters limits. They may appear to be in the City, but they are outside St. Peters and are not subject to St. Peters law.

Whether you’re traveling this holiday weekend, or staying local and enjoying our parks and trails, outdoor pools, St. Peters Golf Club, St. Peters Rec-Plex, local businesses, or just having a quiet time with family – please have a great time but also please be safe!

Our National Motto: “In God We Trust”



How to Recognize Phone Scams

The spring weather is bringing out beautiful flowers in St. Peters.  It’s also bringing out a special kind of “weed:” phone scams.  


Over the last several weeks a number of City residents have contacted me about these phone scammers, people who are trying to get your personal information or your money.  They’ve got all kinds of great stories and they’ll try over and over again to get the information using tactics including acting friendly and being helpful, or they might try to scare you or threaten you.


I recently had our Chief of Police Rick Struttmann talk about some of the ways you can recognize a phone scam and how to stop these kinds of calls.  I wanted to share with you some of the information from the Chief and from the Federal Trade Commission.


How can you recognize a phone scam?  Here’s some of the promises and threats these scammers try to use:

  • There is no prize—Scammers tell you you’re a winner—but you have to pay to get the prize.
  • You won’t be arrested—Scammers tell you they’re law enforcement or the prosecuting attorney.  Real law enforcement or federal agencies won’t call and threaten you.
  • You don’t need to decide now –Most legitimate businesses won’t force you to make a quick decision.
  • There’s never a good reason to send cash or pay with a gift card.
  • Government agencies aren’t calling to confirm your sensitive information –Don’t give out information like your Social Security number, even if they say they’re with Social Security or the I.R.S.
  • You shouldn’t be getting all those calls—if you’re on the National Do Not Call Registry, these calls are illegal and there’s a good chance it’s a scam.


How can you stop calls from scammers?

  • Hang up—if it’s a robocall, don’t press any numbers.  This might lead to more robocalls.
  • Consider call blocking.
  • Don’t trust your caller ID—Scammers can make any name or number show up on your caller ID.


Here’s what we do at our house.  If we don’t recognize the number, we don’t answer the phone.  They’ll get the message!
If you’d like more information on how to recognize and fight phone scams, please check out  They’ve got lots of tips on all of this, including how to add your number to the do not call list.


Our National Motto: “In God We Trust”