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Mayor Len Pagano


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Mayor Len Pagano for St. Peters, Missouri


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Leonard B. "Len" Pagano lives in Hanover Crossing and has been a resident for over 35 years. He was honorably discharged from both the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy. He is a high school graduate and took specialty courses at both St. Charles County and Florissant Valley Community Colleges. He is retired from Unilever HPC where he worked as St. Louis Plant Warehouse Coordinator. He and his wife, Joyce, have three children, eight grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Mayor Pagano has served the City of St. Peters as an elected official since 1983. He was a Ward 3 Alderman from 1983-2007. In April 2007, he was elected Mayor of St. Peters to fill a vacancy. He was re-elected to full, four-year terms as Mayor in 2008, 2012 and 2016.


Mayor Pagano currently serves on the President’s Advisory Board on Community for Lindenwood University, is an Executive Board Member for Metro Mayors of St. Louis and serves on the Executive Board for Missouri Mayors United for Progress.


"The City of St. Peters welcomes you! The information contained in our website will help you to become familiar with each of the City’s elected and appointed officials. It will also provide you with valuable information about services, local ordinances and opportunities for citizen participation. I encourage you to become knowledgeable about your City and take an active role in your City government. Stay involved!"




Message from Mayor Pagano

Our Secret to Success 

I’m asked all the time—“What’s the secret to St. Peters success?” I think there are two simple words to use to answer that question:  Stability and Professionalism.  We’ve been focused on the goal of “St. Peters, ‘My Hometown’ – a beautiful place to live, work, play and visit.”  It’s our Vision 2025 strategic plan motto.  Our residents depend on our stability to be able to deliver excellent services at the lowest cost or fees.  Residents and businesses depend on our stability and professionalism to provide safe roads, neighborhoods and the FasTrac to economic development and jobs.  Stability and professionalism results in evolutionary changes to our City, to learn and implement best practices and ideas and build on our success, long-term.


Stability in St. Peters provides for professionalism and integrity, looking for the right opportunities to propel our community into a bright and successful future for all of our children and grandchildren.  Our future success builds on the confidence our community has in the planning, hard work and performance of our City’s elected officials and staff—what we’re doing now and what we were doing thirty years ago.


We’re in the middle of our budget planning process right now, meeting with our professional City staff to review their plans for future projects, offer suggestions we’ve received from our residents and looking for ways to keep providing excellent City services at the lowest cost or fees.  Most of our professional staff also works for our City for many years and they know our City operations inside and out.  That’s a big benefit for all of us because they know how to get the job done right!  Unlike other governments around the metro region, our staff are hired because of their professional skills and education, not because of who they know or because they worked on someone’s campaign.  


I’ll put it simply—there are no cronies, no political party appointees or favorites and that’s the way we want to keep it in St. Peters!  We have non-partisan elections in St. Peters—our candidates are not running as members of any political party, and that’s different than in other cities like St. Louis.


Over the years our elected officials have been focused on being responsive to our residents and businesses, addressing concerns and making sure that we’re making decisions based on a thorough review of facts, ideas, proposals, present and future costs.  


Don Aytes has been one of those elected officials, recently retired from a career spanning 30 years of service to Ward 4 residents.  He led the push for our recycling efforts.  He put priorities into action helping the City save tens of thousands of dollars and helping keep our trash and recycling fees the lowest in the area.  Our recycling drop-off center has been named after Don and the cardboard collection locations around the City also carry his name. Good luck Don on a well-deserved retirement!


Our national motto, “In God We Trust.” 


Helping Our Earth, Saving You Money

Did you know we have an amenity in the City of St. Peters that can help you have a beautiful garden and yard while you save money and protect the environment? It’s our Earth Centre and you’re probably already using it and may not realize you’re helping our community.


You may wonder what we do with all of your yard waste after we collect it from your brown yard waste cart throughout the year. That’s just the first step in how your yard waste can help you save money and protect the environment. All of those grass clippings, leaves, tree branches and other organic material we collect are brought to the Earth Centre and turned into Class A mulch and compost. 


You can also drop off these materials at the Earth Centre.  St. Peters residents, with a Resident Privilege Card, can drop off up to 30 cubic yards (approximately 15 pickup truck loads) per year at no charge.  Drop-off is open to the public and non-residents have to pay a fee to drop these off. Hours can vary and be affected by weather and holidays.


The Earth Centre began operations in 1992 after a Missouri law banned yard waste from landfills. We’re following state law by keeping yard waste out of the landfill and “recycling” it into something you can use to have a beautiful lawn and garden.  And, we’re helping keep your costs down for these materials. When you need high-quality class A compost or mulch, look no further than the St. Peters Earth Centre to get these products at low, reduced resident rates.


Recycling yard waste is so important for our community. Please don’t dump it in or along streams and creeks, because that can lead to flooding and erosion. Blowing grass clippings and leaves into the street or dumping them into the sewer is also a big problem—it can clog our sewer system and cause a different, AWFUL kind of back-up—into your, or your neighbor’s basement. CLICK HERE to read more about these problems.


In order to get St. Peters resident rates, you’ll need to get a Resident Privilege Card. You can get your free photo I.D. card at St. Peters City Hall or the St. Peters Rec-Plex on Mexico Road, or St. Peters Recycle City on Ecology Drive. Please check the hours they’re open on our website.


Your Resident Privilege Card is another way of providing a fantastic quality of life for our residents and building that “My Hometown” pride in St. Peters by enjoying free or reduced cost services. CLICK HERE to learn about all the benefits of having your Resident Privilege Card including things like free document shredding at the two annual “Shred It and Forget It” events. You’ll get reduced rates on memberships and classes at the Rec-Plex, the new Cove Outdoor Aquatic Centre, Golf Club, Art Centre, and so much more!


Spring has sprung!  Let’s all enjoy all the beauty of this time of year with our family, friends and neighbors in our wonderful hometown!


Our national motto, “In God We Trust.”