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Mayor Len Pagano


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Mayor Len Pagano for St. Peters, Missouri


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Leonard B. "Len" Pagano lives in Hanover Crossing and has been a resident for over 35 years. He was honorably discharged from both the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy. He is a high school graduate and took specialty courses at both St. Charles County and Florissant Valley Community Colleges. He is retired from Unilever HPC where he worked as St. Louis Plant Warehouse Coordinator. He and his wife, Joyce, have three children, eight grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Mayor Pagano has served the City of St. Peters as an elected official since 1983. He was a Ward 3 Alderman from 1983-2007. In April 2007, he was elected Mayor of St. Peters to fill a vacancy. He was re-elected to full, four-year terms as Mayor in 2008, 2012 and 2016.


Mayor Pagano currently serves on the President’s Advisory Board on Community for Lindenwood University, is an Executive Board Member for Metro Mayors of St. Louis and serves on the Executive Board for Missouri Mayors United. Mayor Pagano was recently appointed to the Missouri Municipal League Board of Directors


"The City of St. Peters welcomes you! The information contained in our website will help you to become familiar with each of the City’s elected and appointed officials. It will also provide you with valuable information about services, local ordinances and opportunities for citizen participation. I encourage you to become knowledgeable about your City and take an active role in your City government. Stay involved!"



Message from Mayor Pagano

St. Peters – One of America’s Best Places to Live!

Our community is truly one of the best places to live in the U.S. and it’s not just me saying this.  MONEY Magazine just named St. Peters as the 13th “Best Place to Live” in the nation and the top City in Missouri.  It’s the fifth time they’ve recognized us as one of the best, and it’s the highest ranking we’ve ever received.  Our previous best was #15 in 2017.  We were also named to their list in 2008, 2010 and 2012.


MONEY Magazine says our great free events, amenities and services help make this a great community. They noted our Sunset Fridays concert series, our beautiful parks and trails and they gave special recognition to our Rec-Plex saying “the Rec-Plex, fondly referred to as the town’s ‘crown jewel,’ is a delightful, city-run recreation center.”  


MONEY Magazine also said our low cost of living is another big plus:  “Thanks to reasonable home prices, close to 80% of residents own their own homes.  According to brokerage Redfin, homes are selling fast right now for about 1% above list price.”  


Economic development was another factor in MONEY’s decision.  We’ve added more than 8,000 new jobs in St. Peters at Premier 370 over the last few years with more to come.  Medline is building a facility that’s about as big as the Amazon operation down the street on Premier Parkway.  And we’ve added more new jobs in other locations in our hometown including new retail and restaurants.


Great quality of life, a wonderful place to live with affordable housing, and working to meet the challenges of the economy, MONEY Magazine got it right when they said “it’s not hard to find community in St. Peters,” and that’s why we’re proud to say St. Peters – My Hometown!


Our National Motto:  “In God We Trust”


Progress as Promised!

A couple of weeks ago my wife Joyce and I were driving along Premier Parkway to go to 370 Lakeside Park and I was amazed at the number of cars I saw parked in the lots in front of the businesses lining that road. We saw signs advertising openings and a job fair at the new FedEx operation along Premier Parkway. 


What we were seeing was progress and thousands of new jobs in our region thanks to all the hard work that went into building that development—and a bright future as more companies with more jobs are joining the
St. Peters family and being a part of the “Boom” in My Hometown!


It’s hard to believe that 15 years ago, before the first shovels were turning over dirt in that development, our vision was 6,000-10,000 new jobs. Well, here we are in the fall of 2020 and we already have about 8,000 new permanent jobs with more on the way. We’re fulfilling the promise of a bright future in St. Peters, and I’m proud of our entire FasTrac economic development team that’s been working so hard to bring these companies and their permanent jobs here, and thankful for the thousands and thousands of hours of construction trades work over these years to build these new facilities.


We’ve done this all through some challenging economic times, including the current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the pandemic and a “Great Recession” in the last decade, we’re able to focus our efforts in showing business leaders that St. Peters is a great place to bring your business, or grow your current business. We have the trained work force available in our region that’s ready to be productive and get the job done. 


With the support of our community and the efforts of our staff team and elected leaders, we’re keeping our focus on bringing more permanent jobs with benefits to our region.  These new businesses and the jobs they bring mean more of our residents can work close to home. It means our existing retail businesses and restaurants will have more customers. It also means our City will have more revenue to help pay for great services and amenities and keep costs low for our residents. Especially during challenging times like these, it’s a win for everyone.


More companies and operations continue to talk to us about bringing their businesses and jobs here. It’s about jobs-jobs-jobs! And, it’s about Progress as Promised in My Hometown, St. Peters!


Our National Motto:  “In God We Trust”