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Mayor Len Pagano


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Mayor Len Pagano for St. Peters, Missouri


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Leonard B. "Len" Pagano lives in Hanover Crossing and has been a St. Peters resident since 1976. He was honorably discharged from both the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy. He is a high school graduate and took specialty courses at both St. Charles County and Florissant Valley Community Colleges. He is retired from Unilever HPC where he worked as St. Louis Plant Warehouse Coordinator. He and his wife, Joyce, have three children, eight grandchildren and three great grandchildren.

Mayor Pagano has served the City of St. Peters as an elected official since 1983. He was a Ward 3 Alderman from 1983-2007. In April 2007, he was elected Mayor of St. Peters to fill a vacancy. He was re-elected to full, four-year terms as Mayor in 2008, 2012, 2016 and 2020.


Mayor Pagano currently serves on the President’s Advisory Board on Community for Lindenwood University, is an Executive Board Member for Metro Mayors of St. Louis and serves on the Executive Board for Missouri Mayors United. Mayor Pagano was recently appointed to the Missouri Municipal League Board of Directors


"The City of St. Peters welcomes you! The information contained in our website will help you to become familiar with each of the City’s elected and appointed officials. It will also provide you with valuable information about services, local ordinances and opportunities for citizen participation. I encourage you to become knowledgeable about your City and take an active role in your City government. Stay involved!"



Message from Mayor Pagano

Doing Our Best for Brighter Days Ahead

This year has thrown so many challenges at us.  Whether you’re a first responder, a businessperson trying to make payroll or a Mom or Dad trying to get the kids to school, we’ve had to take on many problems while worrying about how to keep our families, our friends and neighbors, and our entire community safe.


Like many of you, I’ve seen some of my friends battle COVID-19.  Some of them are still battling some kind of weird symptoms.  I’ve also lost friends to this terrible virus. Count yourself among the fortunate few if you don’t know anyone who has had the virus or who has tragically lost their lives due to this disease.


Now, with discovery of vaccines we have some hope.  It’s going to take a while to get the vaccines out to the public and I know they’re working hard to make enough vaccines for all of us.  I know that when my doctor says it’s okay, I’ll be rolling up my sleeve to take the shot.


I hope you will too.


I remember years ago when they rolled out the polio vaccine.  Before that, I saw people who had polio.  They had many serious problems for the rest of their lives like wearing leg braces so they could stand up or walk.  They had to use a huge iron lung machine just to breathe.  We got the polio vaccine and now we don’t have polio in America.


When I served in the military, we had to take vaccines and shots to protect us.  We took them.  It was part of the job.  I’ll do the same thing with this COVID vaccine.  I’ll take it to protect myself, my family, my neighbors and my community.
Meanwhile, we have to keep taking care of our families and each other.  We all know the drill:  wear your mask, stay six feet from each other, wash your hands or use hand sanitizer—and use your common sense.


We can do these things, keep businesses open and keep people working.  We can wear a mask and go to work or go shopping, order carry out or delivery from our favorite local restaurants.  We can visit with our families and friends over a video phone call or chat.


Let’s look to the positive in 2021.  Think about the joy you’ll feel when we can get together with family and friends for special holidays.  We won’t take it for granted.  


Like you, I miss my kids and grandkids; and events like concerts and parties.  But, I also miss the friends and neighbors we’ve lost to COVID.  


I want to be here for my family.  I want to see my grandkids grow up.  I want to be here for those special family times and I want you to be here for your families too.


So let’s just do what we need to do and get through this.  Please, stay healthy and safe because there are so many exciting things to look forward to in 2021.  


Our National Motto:  “In God We Trust”


Be Safe for Your Family & Friends

By now, I hope you’ve seen all of the health advisories about the dangerous situation we’re facing with the COVID-19 disease. The St. Charles County Department of Health says that the number of cases have gone up in recent weeks. A lot of people are getting sick and we’ve seen too many heartbreaking deaths. Hospital beds are nearly full, and healthcare workers risk their own health each day to save lives.

Christmas will be here before you know it, followed by the New Year. I know that we are tired of hearing about COVID, and we would rather not deal with this infectious disease, especially during the holiday season. But, COVID is not done with us, and it doesn’t care what we think.

It’s up to us to fight this disease and be as safe as possible.

So, what does “being safe” mean right now?

It means making the tough choices to do what we need to do protect ourselves, our family, and our friends. It means making the choice to save lives.

Please, make the choice to:

  • Wear a mask (over your mouth AND nose) when you are in public or around people who don't live with you.
  • Socially distance whenever possible.
  • Limit your contact with other people. Stay home except for work, school or essential needs.

We want to see family because we love them. And, that’s why we want them to be healthy, first and foremost. So, how can we see family when social gatherings can spread disease?

Here are some tips from the St. Charles Health Department for reducing the spread of illness during the holiday season.

It may seem awkward at first, but even when you’re visiting with extended family (who don’t live with you) and close friends, please MASK UP! Make the choice to save lives, and you could save the life of a loved one.

My wife, Joyce, and I wish you well this holiday season, and in 2021 and beyond. Buono Natale & Buon Capo D’Anno (Merry Christmas and Happy New Year).

Our National Motto:  “In God We Trust”