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Health and Environmental Issues


The Health Department is responsible for investigating any nuisances, such as mosquito problems, illegal dumping of material on residents’ property or on City property, sewage smell, and noise or odor problems. Click here to learn about general health concerns.


The Food Sanitation office is committed to increasing the level of restaurant inspections, uniformly and equitably enforcing public health standards, and educating food providers about food safety.


St. Peters' proactive approach to environmental issues keeps our City green. Our recycling program began in the mid-90's and kicked into full gear when our central materials processing facility, Recycle City, opened in 1998. Our Earth Centre facility processes yard waste and recycles it into usable products for your garden. We have also been proactive in many ways in saving energy, from renewable energy for the parks, to retrofitting City buildings with energy-saving equipment, to using Nitrogen in the tires of City vehicles and offering this service to our residents to help them save energy as well. Learn more by selecting the Go Green link to the left.


For more information, call 636-970-1456.

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