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St. Peters Green Team

The mission of the St. Peters Green Team is to inspire environmentally conscious lifestyle decisions that enhance quality of life, aspire to protect the environment and keep the planet healthy, safe and sustainable


The St. Peters Green Team was established to advise the St. Peters elected officials and staff on energy and environmental issues, and assist in efforts to inform and educate the St. Peters community on the wise use of natural resources, sustainable energy use, new recycling opportunities, and other pertinent green environmental matters.

The St. Peters Green Team is composed of seven persons with expertise and/or an interest in environmental issues. Two of the members are not required to reside within the corporate city limits of St. Peters if those persons possess special expertise deemed essential or desirable on the Advisory Committee. Please click here to read the St. Peters Green Team adopted by-laws.


Regular meetings are held, as needed, on the third Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. at Rec Plex South, 5250 Mexico Road.


Alderman Melissa Reimer serves as the Aldermanic Liaison to the St. Peters Green Team.



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