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Frequently Asked Questions


What ward do I live in? Who is my St. Peters Alderman?

A: Click here for an interactive map that will help  you find your ward and Aldermen.


Where is the Missouri Department of Revenue's Motor Vehicle & Drivers License Office?

A: 4217-19 Old Hwy 94 South, St. Charles (south of Highway 94 and west of Jungermann Road, 636-441-6074)

How do I obtain a birth certificate or death certificate in St. Charles County?
A: Visit the St. Charles County Department of Public Health, 1650 Boonslick Road.

When do I need a building permit?

A: Building permits are required for any new construction, additions or structural alterations to existing buildings, demolitions, retaining walls over 4 feet in height, new or replaced plumbing, electrical or mechanical work, and for mobile home setup. However, a building permit is not required for minor repairs, general concrete flat work (residential patios) within your property lines, fences 6 feet or less in height, utility sheds with less than 120 square feet of floor space, or retaining walls under 4 feet in height. You can also check out the City's Building Guides pertaining to building a new deck, finishing your basement, installing a pool, and setting up a mobile home.

Where is the Greater St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce?

A: 2201 1st Capitol Dr., St. Charles, MO 63301-5805 (636-946-0633)

Where is the employment/unemployment office?

A: Missouri Career Center, 212 Turner Blvd., 636-255-6060


How do I find out about employment with the City of St. Peters?

A: Click here.

Where is Central County Fire and Rescue?

A: #1 Timberbrook (east off Salt Lick Road, south of I-70, 636-970-9700)

I want to run a business from my home. How do I seek approval?

A: Anyone who wishes to conduct a business at home must obtain approval from the Planning and Zoning Commission and then get a business license from the City Clerk. All applicants must fill out a home occupation application and return it to the Planning Department.

Where is the Library in St. Peters?

A: You can find the Spencer branch of the St. Charles City-County Libary in St. Peters at 427 Spencer Road, at the intersection with Boone Hills Road.

Where do I get a marriage license?

A: St. Charles County Recorder of Deeds Office, St. Charles County Administration Building, 201 North Second St. (636-949-7505)

How many pets may I have in my home? What are the City's standards of care for those pets?

A: You may keep a maximum of three pets (over the age of 6 months) per household. Other animal regulations you need to consider:
>>All animals must be kept on a leash at all times when off the owner's property, or be restrained on the owner's property.
>>All animals must be provided wholesome food, clean water, shelter and health care as necessary to maintain good health.
>>Rabies vaccinations are required for all dogs, cats and domestic others by the age of 6 months, and vaccinations must be kept current every year.
>>Domestic animals must wear St. Charles County license tags at all times.
>>When walking animals, you must carry a container at all times to immediately pick up fecal matter.
>>Persistent barking is not permitted
>>Animals may NOT ride loose in the beds of pickup trucks or similar vehicles.
You can browse the City's Animal Regulations to learn more.



CLICK HERE to view all of the FAQs for the St. Peters Police Department, including information about recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles, business vehicles and the St. Peters fireworks law.


Where is the Post Office in St. Peters?

A: 7055 Mexico Road at the corner of Mexico Road and Mid Rivers Mall Drive

I can recycle containers and paper curbside with Blue Bags as well as motor oil and antifreeze at St. Peters Recycle City. But, how can I recycle other household wastes, such as paint, chemicals, and electronics, that Recycle City does not accept?
A: St. Charles County Recycle Works offers area residents another way to recycle. You can recycle electronics at St. Charles County Recycle Works either at 60 Triad South Drive in St. Charles or 2110 East Pittman Road in Wentzville. A small fee may apply. You can set an appointment to recycle hazardous wastes such as paints, pesticides, etc., at St. Charles County Works Central at 60 Triad South Drive. Call 636-949-7900, ext. 4271. St. Charles County Recycle Works Central, 60 Triad South Drive, is located off Central School Road near Kisker Road.

How can I contact my School District?

A: There are three school districts serving students in St. Peters. Follow the links:
Francis Howell
Fort Zumwalt
St. Charles

Should I contact the City of St. Peters if I have a sewer backup?

A: Yes, if you are a St. Peters resident, you should call the City of St. Peters any time you have a sewer backup.

Is there a program to help offset costs to repair a failed sewer lateral?

A: Yes, St. Peters residents are eligible for assistance through the Sewer Lateral Repair Program.

Where is the Social Security Office in St. Peters?

A: 4800 Executive Center Parkway (1-800-772-1213)

How do I find out if I'm eligible for a Utility Tax Refund from the City?
St. Peters residents who are 65 years and older or those considered totally disabled by Social Security may be eligible to apply for a refund of their St. Peters utility franchise tax. Click here to see if you are eligible for the refund.


The City accepts applications each year in April and May for the previous year's utility taxes. The utility tax is the amount listed on electric and gas bills as "St. Peters tax" and on cable bills as "franchise fees." For more information, call ext. 1225 at either 636-278-2244 or 636-477-6600.

Where can I go to talk to someone about my Personal Property Tax or Personal Property Tax Waiver?
A: St. Charles County Assessor, St. Charles County Administration Building, 201 North Second Street (636-949-7420)

Where can I talk to someone about my real estate tax?
A: St. Charles County Assessor, St. Charles County Administration Building, 201 North Second Street (636-949-7420)

How can I find out about real estate tax assistance programs for seniors?
A: The Missouri Department of Revenue administers two real estate tax assistance programs for qualified seniors and 100% disabled individuals, the Missouri Property Tax Credit Claim (MO-PTC) and the Homestead Preservation Credit (HPC). Call the Missouri Department of Revenue Tax Assistance at 314-877-0177 to learn more or follow the links above.

Where is the Missouri Department of Revenue?
A: 4217-19 Old Hwy 94 South, St. Charles (south of Highway 94 and west of Jungermann Road, 636-441-6074)

Where do I pay a traffic ticket?

A: You may pay ticket fines and court-related costs at the St. Peters Municipal Court Office at the St. Peters Justice Center, 1020 Grand Teton Dr. Accident reports and Police reports can be obtained at the Records Office at the Police Station, also located at the St. Peters Justice Center.

How do I contact utility companies not owned by the City of St. Peters?

A: Here is a list of other utilities that operate in St. Peters, along with their phone numbers and links:
Alliance Water Resources, 636-281-2858
Ameren, 1-800-552-7583
AT&T telephone, 1-800-464-7928
CenturyTel telephone, 1-800-201-4099
Spectrum Cable, 866-874-2389
Cuivre River electric, 636-441-7410
Duckett Creek sewer, 636-441-1244
Spire Natural Gas (formerly Laclede Gas), 1-800-887-4173
Missouri American Water, 1-800-430-0820

What do I need to do to have my vehicle emissions tested?

A: Check with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to find a shop near you that will perform vehicle emissions. Contact DNR by phone at 314-416-2115 or 1-800-361-4827.


Is there a program to help offset costs of a water service line repair in St. Peters?

YES. Learn more about the Water Service Line Repair Program?




Citizen Action Center

636-477-6600 ext. 1225 



8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. 



CLICK HERE to give feedback or submit a concern on our e-Resident page.


Please call 9-1-1 for police, fire or medical emergencies.

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