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Flushing Wipes Clogs Pipes

Never flush any product besides toilet paper down your toilet, including any type of wipe, even if it’s labeled “flushable.”


Flushing Wipes Clogs Pipes type 

Baby wipes and household cleaning wipes should always go into the trash, never the toilet. While the wipes can be flushed, they’re not breaking down in the wastewater system. These wipes have a cloth-like consistency, and that means they can clog your sewer pipe, block your sewer lateral or clog pumps and other treatment process equipment.

Even if your pipes don’t get clogged with these wipes, flushing them will cause problems down the line. Wastewater industry officials worldwide have reported an increase in clogged sewer systems due to problems with people flushing wipes down the toilet. While consumers are free to purchase wipes for the home, the St. Peters Utilities Department is urging residents to throw them away in waste containers. Wipes should be treated as a solid waste item and unsafe to flush -- even if labeled "flushable."