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Services Assurance  Accounting & Audit Alert April 2021

All bids must be submitted to the City of St. Peters Purchasing Department by the deadline corresponding to that project. Bids must be mailed or delivered in sealed form to the following address: City of St. Peters Purchasing Department, One St. Peters Centre Blvd. St. Peters, MO 63376. Faxed or e-mailed bids will not be accepted.


The project name, date and time of the bid opening must be clearly written on the outside of the envelope. The City reserves the right to waive formalities in bidding and accept the bid most advantageous to the City.


Questions regarding any project may be submitted to the City of St. Peters Purchasing Department in writing to Please include the name of the bid in the subject line.


Open Bids

Bid     No.   
                               Title                               Bid Ad (pdf)
Bid Opening 
22-105 Water Service Line Repair ProgramVIEW AD12/6/21 
22-111Front Loading Refuse Vehicle VIEW AD 11/29/21 
22-104Residential Solid Waste Carts – 90 Gallon VIEW AD11/24/21 
22-102RFP for City Centre Park Inclusive Playground VIEW AD12/7/21 

Closed Bids


Bid No.
 Title Bid Tab (pdf)
22-109  Compact Skid Steer LoaderVIEW BID TABDepartment Review
22-11261 Inch Ferris Zero Turn MowersVIEW BID TAB Department Review
22-108 75 Foot Stainless Steel Salt ConveyorVIEW BID TABDepartment Review
22-107Recycling Blue Bags VIEW BID TABDepartment Review
22-106 Hauling of Bulk Rotary Hydrated Lime VIEW BID TABDepartment Review
22-103Sale of Surplus Metal Frontload DumpstersVIEW BID TABAwarded
22-100 St. Peters Rec Plex North Ice System Replacement   VIEW BID TABDepartment Review 
22-101 Lakeside Master Plan   VIEW RFP TAB Department Review 
21-166ADA Playground Improvement at Oak Creek Park VIEW BID TABAwarded
21-160370 Lakeside Park 2nd Entrance EmbankmentVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-164 Mid-Size ExcavatorVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-165  Compact ExcavatorVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-163FY 2022 Roadway Signs and Supplies      VIEW BID TABAwarded
21-154 95-Gallon Yard Waste CartsVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-159RFP - Beverage Provider for City FacilitiesVIEW RFP TABDepartment Review
20-146 Bid 20-146 – Centennial Greenway Phase 4, Federal Project No. TAP 7305 (618)  VIEW BID TAB Awarded
21-162 Transportation Assistance Services  VIEW BID TAB Awarded
21-157FY21 - Stormwater CIPP LiningVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-158 Design/Build of St. Peters Justice Center Board of Aldermen Chamber – HD Technology Upgrade Project VIEW RFP TAB Awarded 
21-151Sophos End-Client and E-mail SecurityVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-156Mill and Overlay Parking Lot at Spencer Creek ParkVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-153Resurfacing of Brookmount and Shady Springs Playgrounds VIEW BID TABAwarded
21-155City Hall Stone Coping Repair ProjectVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-150 Pavement Sealing and Striping of Justice Center and Water Treatment Facilities Parking LotsVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-145Water Plant Filter Gallery and Return Sludge Pump Station Pipe Coating ProjectVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-148Justice Center Replacement UPS SystemVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-146    Front Loading Refuse VehicleVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-149 Design-Build Platform for Pump Disconnects – 370 SW PS 2  VIEW RFP TAB Awarded 
21-147Cleaning and Sealing of Various City Buildings VIEW BID TABAwarded
21-135 Lakeside Parking Lot Seal & Stripe VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
21-141 2021 Partial Depth RepairsVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-143 Mid-Size ExcavatorVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-142 Rec Plex North Renovations  VIEW BID TAB Awarded
21-144 Cultural Arts Activity Room Renovations VIEW BID TAB Awarded
21-133 Strength EquipmentVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-140 Rec-Plex South Evapco Cooling Tower Replacement and Warm Brine Supply Pipe Rerouting VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
21-138 Pavement Sealing and Striping of Justice Center and Water Treatment Facilities Parking Lots No Bids Received
21-139 21-139- FY21 CIPP   VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
21-137Ready Mix ConcreteVIEW BID TAB Awarded
21-134    2021 Street and Facilities Sweeping ProgramVIEW BID TAB Awarded
21-1322021 Joint and Crack Sealing ProgramVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-130 Diesel Fueled Melter ApplicatorVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-128 Three-Wheel Construction SweeperVIEW BID TAB


21-126 Police MotorcyclesVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-125 Dardenne Creek & Spencer Creek Log & Debris Jam Removals  VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
21-121 Tipping Floor Expansion  VIEW RFQ TAB Awarded 
21-129Sale of Vermeer TG5000L Tub GrinderVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-1242021 Pavement Marking ProgramVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-116Targeted Sewer Lateral Repairs -Old TownVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-12215 Trailer Mounted Drum Style Brush ChipperVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-119 2021 Sidewalk Curb & Replacement Program   VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
21-120Liquid Carbon DioxideVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-118HPE Aruba Switch Replacement VIEW BID TABAwarded
21-117Forklift with Standard ForksVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-113 Employee Uniforms VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
21-115Pemco Lexington LED Streetlight FixturesVIEW BID TABAwarded
21-111 Solid Tire Front Loader   VIEW BID TABAwarded
21-112 2021 Concrete Slab Replacement Program   VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
21-109    Water Main Pipe and MaterialsVIEW BID TAB Awarded
21-108Recycle City ForkliftVIEW BID TABWill be Rebid
21-102 Design-Build St. Peters City Hall Building Permits and Licensing Area Renovation Project VIEW RFP TAB Awarded 
21-100 Cave Springs Water Tower Coatings ProjectVIEW BID TABAwarded 
21-105 Rubber Tire Wheel Loader VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
21-103RFP - St Peters City Hall Wayfinding Signs VIEW RFP TABAwarded
20-180 P-31 - Red Mill Court - Green Ridge Lane & P-13 -Rainbow Drive Basin Storm Water Improvements Project   VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
20-175 PRS Online Broadcast Services VIEW RFP TAB Awarded 
20-173 RFP - Design-Build City of St. Peters MonumentsVIEW RFP TAB Will be Rebid
20-177  Salt Brine Storage TankVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-176 Advantech Managed Network Switches VIEW  BID TABAwarded
20-161 Three (3) New Front Loading Refuse Collection TrucksVIEW BID TABAwarded 
20-174Police Protective EquipmentVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-168 Missouri 370 - Salt River Rd Ramps 1 & 2/3 Design Project  VIEW RFP TAB Awarded 
20-171Sale of Surplus Semi Red Brass Scrap MetersVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-172  SodVIEW BID TABAwarded 
20-167 Power System Study  VIEW RFP TAB Awarded 
20-170Duraflex Short Stands for SpringboardsVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-16616 Foot Wing Deck Rotary MowerVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-162Installation of Three Phase Transformer and Wildlife Protection DevicesVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-158Household Hazardous Waste Collection EventVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-164 Design-Build Sanitary Sewer Extension – Patty Ann Court VIEW RFP TAB Awarded 
20-163 RFP  - Vending Services  VIEW RFP TAB Awarded
20-156 Tree Trimming - Right-of-Way Maintenance Program VIEW BID TABAwarded 
20-159 RFP - Design-Build St. Peters City Hall Entrance MonumentsVIEW BID TAB Awarded
20-160 Dardenne Creek Bank Stabilization North Of I-70  VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
20-155 Remove and Replace Rooftop Exhaust FansVIEW BID TAB Awarded 
20-153Hunter TCX57W Tire Changer or equivalentVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-157Pemco Replacement LED Streetlights and Mounting Arms No SubstitutesVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-154Salt Brine MakerVIEW BID TABWill be Rebid
20-147 Spencer Road Transportation ImprovementsVIEW BID TAB Awarded 
20-151 2020 St. Peters Rec Plex Improvements - Natatorium Victaulic Coupling Replacement  VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
20-152 Remove and Replace Signal Jungermann at Walmart VIEW BID TABAwarded
20-142  FY 2020 Roadway Signs and SuppliesVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-149 Limestone Aggregate MaterialsVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-148 2020 St. Peters Rec-Plex Improvements - Design-Build Natatorium Audio System Improvements VIEW RFP TABAwarded
20-141 Public Safety Software  VIEW RFP TAB Awarded 
20-145Sale of Surplus Metal DumpstersVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-144 Rec-Plex Skylight Replacements   VIEW BID TAB The City is not proceeding with this project at this time  
20-143 Rec-Plex North Curtain Wall Replacements VIEW BID TAB The City is not proceeding with this project at this time 
20-132 Design-Build Golf Maintenance Facility VIEW RFP TAB Awarded
20-138New Rec Plex Upper Level Aerobics Cooling System with Installation of New Duct Work and InsulationVEW BID TABAwarded
20-122 Testing for Wastewater Treatment Plant and Pretreatment ProgramVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-140 LED Signal Module ReplacementsVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-1352020 Partial Depth Repairs      VIEW BID TAB The City is not proceeding with this project at this time
20-131 Wireless Voice and Data Devices & Services from Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s) VIEW RFP TAB Awarded 
20-139New 3-Ton Dual Drum Vibratory RollerVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-137 Rec-Plex 50 Meter Pool, Leisure Pool and Spa Refurbishment   VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
20-136 Rec-Plex North Curtain Walls and Skylight Replacements VIEW BID TAB The project will be split and re-bid 
20-128 Medical Testing VIEW RFP TAB Awarded 
20-121 General Hauling Services VIEW BID TABAwarded
20-130 CMPF Fire Suppression System Restoration 
20-134 2020 St. Peters Rec Plex Improvements - Natatorium Painting   VIEW BID TAB Awarded
20-133 Irrigation Renovations at City Centre ParkVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-127Alpha Cell Broadband Batteries 195XTV or Equal   VIEW BID TABAwarded
20-129 Printing and Mail Preparation of My Hometown Magazine VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
20-11810 Ton Tandem Vibratory Roller Smooth DrumVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-126 2020 Sidewalk & Curb Replacement Program  VIEW BID TAB Awarded
20-120Mowing and Lawn Services at Various City FacilitiesVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-124   Miller Trailblazer 302 Air PakVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-123Water Meter Pits   VIEW BID TABAwarded
20-116 2020 Concrete Slab Replacement Program  VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
20-119Milliken ValvesVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-113 Precast Concrete PlantersVIEW BID TAB Awarded 
20-11720' Tilt Body TrailerVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-111 P-33 Hunters Valley Storm Water Improvement Project  VIEW BID TAB Awarded
20-114 Solid Rubber Tires with OEM Wheels for Volvo L90H Wheel LoaderVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-105 City Hall Box Batten Roof Refurbish and TPO Drainage Improvements ProjectVIEW BID TAB Awarded 
20-109R Size Traffic Control Cabinet VIEW BID TAB Awarded
20-110 Candlewick Detention Basin Improvement Project  VIEW BID TAB Awarded
20-112 12 Inch Class 200 Waterline Piping  VIEW BID TAB Awarded
20-107 Hauling of Bulk Rotary Hydrated LimeVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-10810 Ton Stainless Steel Salt HopperVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-106 Acoustical Tile Removal and Replacement - City Hall Atrium and Cultural Arts Centre Project  VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
20-104 2020 Joint & Crack Sealing Program VIEW BID TABAwarded
20-103Hunter RFE12W Road Force Elite Wheel BalancerVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-101 P-24 Country Hill Estates Storm Water Improvement Project - Phase II VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
20-102Toro Rotary MowersVIEW BID TABAwarded
20-100 FY19 CIPP Lining  VIEW BID TAB Awarded
19-150 Salt River Road – Arrowhead Industrial Boulevard Intersection Improvements, Federal Project No. CMAQ 7305 (617)  VIEW BID TAB Awarded
19-191 Roll-Off Hoist and Tarp SystemVIEW BID TABAwarded
19-190Skid Mounted Knuckle Boom Grapple Loader and Trash BodyVIEW BID TABAwarded
19-188 Cave Springs Water Tower Coatings Project VIEW BID TAB The City is not proceeding with this project at this time
19-184 Jungermann Road Safety Improvements VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
19-186 Acoustical Tile Removal And Replacement - City Hall Atrium & Cultural Arts Centre Project  VIEW BID TAB The City is not proceeding with this project at this time 
19-189 Cultural Arts Interior Patch & Paint Project And Exterior Metal Surfaces  VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
19-185 Design/Build of St. Peters City Hall Cultural Arts Audio and Video Systems Replacement Project  VIEW RFP TAB Awarded
19-182 Recreation Master Plan  VIEW RFP TAB Awarded
19-181 City Centre Park Diamond 18 Fence ImprovementsVIEW BID TABAwarded 
19-179 Sanitary Sewer Lateral Camera Investigations VIEW BID TABAwarded
19-178 Tuck Pointing at Ice Rink Section of the Rec-Plex FacilityVIEW BID TABThe City is not proceeding with this project at this time 
19-171 Ferris IS 3200Z Zero Turn MowerVIEW BID TAB    Awarded
19-180 Golf Course Front Entrance Irrigation VIEW BID TAB The City is not proceeding with this project at this time 
19-176 Venue & Event Management Software VIEW RFP TAB Awarded 
19-174 City Hall Exterior Metal Surfaces Painting VIEW BID TAB Will be rebid with another project 
19-173 New Truck Mounted Salt Brine Application System VIEW BID TABAwarded
19-175 Fencing along Golf Club Entrance Road VIEW BID TABAwarded
19-177 Transportation Assistance Services  VIEW RFP TAB Awarded 
19-172 Towing Services VIEW RFP TAB Awarded 
19-165 CMMS Software (Computerized Maintenance Management Software)  VIEW RFP TAB Awarded
19-169 Scale House 1 RenovationsVIEW BID TAB Awarded
19-170 P-32 Gateswood Storm Water Improvement Project VIEW BID TAB Awarded
19-162 12" Trailer Mounted Drum Style Brush Chipper VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
19-166 St. Peters Golf Club & Water’s Edge Entrance Sign Design-Build - Rebid  VIEW RFP TAB Awarded 
19-167  Rental of Portable Restroom UnitsVIEW BID TABAwarded
19-163 Compact Track Loaders & Mini Excavator VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
19-164 Valve Vault Repairs VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
19-156 New Nine (9) Ton Compact Excavator VIEW BID TABAwarded
19-157  Ready Mix ConcreteVIEW BID TAB Awarded 
19-152 New Six (6) Yard Trash Body with 90 Gallon Cart Dumper VIEW BID TABAwarded
19-147 P-21, Sun River Village Storm Water Improvement Project, Phase I   VIEW BID TAB Awarded
19-158 Vehicle 972 Yard Dog/Spotting Horse  VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
19-155 Engineering Services for Spencer Road Reconstruction & Safety Improvement Project VIEW RFP TAB Awarded 
19-159 St. Peters Golf Club & Water’s Edge Entrance Sign Design-Build   VIEW RFP TAB Will be Rebid 
19-151Surfacing Repairs at Dardenne Park and Oak Creek Park PlaygroundsVIEW BID TABAwarded
19-148 Streaming & Archive Video Solution 


19-144 Event Security – Celebrate St. Peters 2019   No Bids Received 
19-140 RFP Spencer Creek West Branch Restoration ProjectVIEW BID TABAwarded
19-154 60 Inch HP Sanitite Pipe VIEW BID TABAwarded
19-149 Salt Lick Rd at Veterans Memorial Pkwy - Signal & Lighting  VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
19-146  Limestone Aggregate MaterialsVIEW BID TAB Awarded
19-145  Carbide Tipped Rotomill TeethVIEW BID TAB 


19-143Mowing at City's Water Treatment Facilities and Various other City LocationsVIEW BID TAB Awarded
19-139 2019 Sidewalk & Curb Replacement Program VIEW BID TAB Awarded
19-142 Detention Basin Mowing Maintenance  VIEW BID TAB Awarded
19-141 Mowing and Trimming Services in Enhancement AreasVIEW BID TAB Awarded
19-138 Targeted Sewer Project - Spring Valley Drive - Mill Race Drive   VIEW BID TABAwarded
19-126Rec-Plex Flat Roof and Skylight ReplacementVIEW BID TABAwarded 
19-135 TAPCO Intersection Conflict Warning System (or Equivalent)
19-137 Country Creek Subdivision - Electrical Services   VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
19-130 P24, Kathleen Place Storm Water Improvement Project  VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
19-133 Portable Vibratory (Shaker) Deck Screening PlantVIEW BID TABAwarded
19-132 Well Field Expansion Well No. 5A, 9A, & 14   VIEW BID TAB Awarded
19-131 Water Distribution Study VIEW RFP TAB Awarded 
19-134 Metal Dumpsters and Roll-Off ContainersVIEW BID TABAwarded
19-129 2019 Joint & Crack Sealing Program VIEW BID TAB Awarded
19-127Alpha Cell Broadband Batteries (195 GXL or Equal) VIEW BID TABAwarded
19-120 Rainbow Drive Storm Water Improvements VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
19-128City Hall West Glass Doors and Clock Tower Glass Door ReplacementVIEW BID TAB Awarded
19-124 Yard Waste Carts (95 Gallon) 
19-121 Water Treatment Plant Filter Improvements  
19-122 2019 Concrete Slab Replacement Program   VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
19-123LED Signal Module Replacements   VIEW BID TABAwarded

Water Fountain & Bottle Filling Station

19-117 Fence Work - Ditch B Improvements - North of I-70 Project   VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
19-114 Cold Plane Mill VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
19-115 Pest Control ServicesVIEW BID TABAwarded
19-119 Water Meter Pits VIEW BID TAB Awarded
19-109Replacement Baler at Recycle City   VIEW BID TAB Awarded
19-105 Integrity Testing  VIEW RFP TAB The City is not proceeding with this project at this time 
19-112Purchase and Install Commercial Grade Laundry Washer-ExtractorVIEW BID TABAwarded
19-111 Ehlmann Road/Benton Drive Storm Sewer Improvement Project  VIEW BID TABAwarded
19-108 Upgrade Existing LTO SystemVIEW BID TAB Awarded
19-113Hauling of Bulk Rotary Hydrated LimeVIEW BID TABAwarded
19-110 Applicant Tracking Software VIEW RFP TAB Awarded 
19-104Spencer Creek Canopy Raise ProjectVIEW BID TABAwarded
19-107 Old Town Log Cabin Project VIEW RFP TAB Awarded
19-103 Design/Build of a New Irrigation Pump Station at St. Peters Golf Club VIEW RFP TAB The City is Not Proceeding with This Project at this time.
19-102Waterline Materials for Mid Rivers Mall Drive and Salt River RoadVIEW BID TAB Awarded
19-106Materials for Water Main to Dudas Fitness   VIEW BID TAB Awarded
18-200Boulders for Golf Course Clubhouse RenovationVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-201 Joint Venture Waterline Repairs  
18-198Skid Mounted Knuckle Boom Grapple Loader System and Trash Body    VIEW BID TABAwarded
18-196 Purchase of Blue Tag Certified Turf Type Tall Fescue Grass SeedVIEW BID TAB Awarded
18-199 Appraisal Services VIEW BID TAB Awarded
18-190St. Peters Golf Club FF&E VIEW BID TABAwarded
18-197 Roll-Off Hoist and Tarp System for Truck 959 VIEW BID TAB Awarded
18-174RFP - Rec-Plex Tuck Pointing VIEW RFP TABAwarded
18-195Fencing Materials for 370 Lakeside Campground Dog ParkVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-185 Real Estate ServicesVIEW RFP TAB Awarded
18-194RFP - Transportation Assistance ServicesVIEW RFP TAPAwarded 
18-192Materials for Joint Venture Line VIEW BID TAB Awarded
18-191 Targeted Sewer Lateral Repairs - Red Mill CourtVIEW BID TAB Awarded
18-189Sale of Semi Red BrassVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-187 Advantech Managed Network Switches (No Substitutes)VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
18-188 Advantech Network SwitchVIEW BID TABAwarded 
18-139Mid Rivers Mall Drive Corridor Improvements, Federal Project No. TAP 7305(616)VIEW BID TABAwarded
18-186  Azusa Streetlight & Wiring Project VIEW BID TABAwarded
18-175Installation: MRMD Digital Message Sign   VIEW BID TABAwarded
18-184 Sod VIEW BID TAB Awarded
18-183X-Bracing: Removal and Replacement at Recycle City 
18-123  Overhead Door ReplacementVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-181 Ditch B Improvements - North of I-70 VIEW BID TABAwarded
18-167 P31, Red Mill Court Storm Water Improvement Project  
18-182 Drovers Crossing LED Streetlight Retrofit Project VIEW BID TAB Awarded
18-173 RFP Playground Equipment and Safety Surfacing at Spencer Creek ParkVIEW BID TAB Awarded
18-178Park Street Sanitary Pump Station & Force Main Replacement Project 
18-180 Sodium Hypochlorite Solution 12.5% VIEW BID TAB Awarded
18-179Targeted Sewer Lateral Repairs – Spring Valley-Millrace Drive Project – Section B 
18-177 FY18 CIPP Lining   VIEW BID TABAwarded
18-176 WhatsUp Gold Premium License
18-165   LED Streetlight Fixtures Retrofits - Queensbrooke VIEW BID TAB Awarded
18-166 Purchase of Recycled Plastic Dining Table and Chair Sets for Lakeside Corporate Pavilion VIEW BID TABAwarded
18-164Purchase of Mobile Cabin/Clubhouse for 370 Lakeside Park VIEW RFP TABAwarded
18-163 Fireworks Display
18-158 Rec-Plex South Paging & Sound System Repairs
18-162 Evaluation, Design, and Repair to Jungermann Road Retaining WallVIEW BID TAB Awarded
18-161LED Cobra Head Fixture RetrofitVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-160New Tilt TrailerVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-159 Sale of City's OCC, ONP, and SOPVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-157Jungermann Road Storm Water Pipe Rehabilitation
18-153 Mowing at City's Water Facilities and Various other City LocationsVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-155Appliances for Outdoor Kitchen at 370 Lakeside ParkVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-152Stationary Cycling BikesVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-149Laurel Park Pool Concession Design and BuildVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-144 2018 Low Entry Frontload Refuse Collection TruckVIEW BID TAB   Awarded
18-148Replacement of Concession Shutters at Brown Road Park and Shady Springs ParkVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-151 WatchGuard Firewall M670 & Maintenance 
18-150 Rec-Plex Arcade & Video Games 
VIEW BID TABNo Bids Received
18-127Centennial Greenway Phase 4 Federal Project No. TAP-7305(618)
VIEW TAB Awarded
18-146P-32 Gateswood & P-33 Hunters Valley
VIEW TAB Awarded 
18-147 Lime Residual Land Application Program 
18-143Graco Line Lazer Walk Behind Paint Striper VIEW BID TAB  Awarded
18-142Purchase of Flashing LED Pedestrian Crossing SignsVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-140 Miller Trailblazer 302 Air Pak UnitVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-141Conveyer Belts for Recycle City: Supply & Install VIEW BID TABAwarded/Split
18-134 Concessions EquipmentVIEW BID TABAwarded       
18-145Targeted Sewer Lateral Repairs – Ticonderoga Drive
18-1382018 Sidewalk & Curb Replacement Program 
18-137 Recycling Blue BagsVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-136Laurel Park Pool Shell Sandblasting & PaintingVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-135  Asphalt Overlay Sweeping ServicesVIEW BID TAB Awarded
18-115 St. Peters Aquatic Center Communications 
18-133 General Hauling ServicesVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-1322018 Concrete Slab Replacement Program
18-131Water Line Materials - Supplies   VIEW BID TAB


18-130Metal Tub Style Roll Off Boxes and Slant Style DumpstersVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-129 Sanitary Sewer MaintenanceVIEW BID TAB Awarded
18-125Purchase and Delivery Only of 20' by 20' Square PavilionVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-128 Golf Cart Fleet LeaseVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-121New Frontload Collection Truck VIEW BID TAB The City is Not Proceeding with This Project at this time.
18-126Rectangular Rapid Flashing BeaconsVIEW BID TAB   The City is Not Proceeding with This Project at this time.
18-124 Sale of Bulk Compost
18-119Purchase of Blue Tag Certified Turf Type Tall Fescue Grass SeedVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-116 Golf Course Chemicals - Bulk OrderVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-109P28 - Jungermann Road Stream and Trail Improvements Project
18-107Jungermann Road Bridge Replacements, Federal Project No. BRM 5640(613) 
18-118LED Signal Module Replacements VIEW BID TAB   Awarded
18-108 Purchase and Set-up of New Shared Storage System and Production SwitcherVIEW BID TAB Awarded
18-114Sale of Bulk Compost VIEW BID TABAwarded
18-113 Water Service line Repair Program 
18-1113-Line Message Board VIEW BID TAB Awarded
18-110OLD TOWN LOG CABIN: Roof Replacement, Cabin Exterior Cleaned & SealedVIEW BID TABThe City is not proceeding with this project at this time
18-112 Self-Propelled Scissor LiftVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-105RFP - City of St. Peters Rec-Plex Leisure Pool Re-PlasteringVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-103St. Peters Golf Course Clubhouse and Banquet Center 
18-106 New Pavilion at Community Park   VIEW BID TABAwarded
18-104 Olympia Ice ResurfacerVIEW BID TABAwarded
17-165McClay Road Resurfacing I, Federal Project No. STP 7305 (615)
18-102RFP - City of St. Peters Enhanced City Limit SignsVIEW BID TABAwarded
18-101New Biosolids, Compost, Yard Waste SpreaderVIEW BID TABThe City is not proceeding with this project at this time
17-206   Justice Center Cell Tower And Bike Storage Replacement Fence ProjectVIEW BID TABThe City is Not Proceeding with This Project at this time.
17-207Equipment and Wiring Installation Service on Police VehiclesVIEW BID TAB Awarded
18-100 2018 Joint and Crack Sealing Program 
17-190Backup Generator Replacement VIEW BID TAB  Awarded
17-205RFP - Purchase and Install Cabin Style Mobile BuildingVIEW BID TABNo Bids Received
17-202P28 - Jungermann Road Stream and Trail Improvements Project – Utilities VIEW BID TABAwarded
17-203Repair Irrigation and Drainage on Hole No. 4 at St. Peters Golf CourseVIEW BID TABAwarded
17-197   Annual Inspection/Preventative Maintenance of All Overhead Doors &/or Gates Citywide VIEW BID TABAwarded
17-200100 Boone Hills Drive Fence Replacement Project VIEW BID TABAwarded
17-199 Storm Sewer Rehabilitation 
17-204Network SwitchesVIEW BID TABAwarded
17-198 Floating Platform Kit VIEW BID TAB Awarded
17-201Automated Side-Load Solid Waste Trucks VIEW BID TABAwarded
17-194 Sanitary Sewer Lateral Camera Investigations VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
17-191Ditch System Evaluation and Regional Detention Basin EvaluationVIEW BID TABAwarded
17-192 City of St. Peters Enhanced City Limit Signs VIEW BID TAB No Bids Received 
17-196 Class 5 Medium Duty Cab & Chassis Truck - Replacement of 732 VIEW BID TAB Awarded 
17-195Glass CrusherVIEW BID TABAwarded
17-193Replacement of Yard Waste Vehicles 955 & 958 VIEW BID TABAwarded
17-185   Wastewater and Sludge Sample AnalysisVIEW BID TABAwarded 
17-189 Salt Dome Roof Replacement VIEW BID TAB
17-179 Beverage Provider for City Facilities
Sanitary Sewer Flow Monitoring Services  
17-182 JV Water Pipeline Assessment Study     
VIEW BID TAB Awarded  
17-184 Overhead Door Replacement VIEW BID TAB
17-183Millbank Signal and Lighting Power Supply (Product Only)
17-181Restroom Facility at Covenant and Community Parks
17-186Transportation Assistance Services
17-1789 Raintree Drive Storm Sewer Project
17-176P-19 Phase 1A Tanglewood - Huntleigh Estates Stormwater Improvements
17-177P-24 Forest Grove Court Storm Water Improvements
17-174Jungermann Rd & Boone Hills Dr Intersection Improvements and P-22 & 23 Storm Water Improvement Project






City of St. Peters
Purchasing Department
One St. Peters Centre Blvd.
St. Peters, MO 63376
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