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Bus Tour: Cahokia Mounds

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Start Time:8:30 AM
End Time:4:30 PM
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Phone:636-939-2386, ext. 1400
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Take a guided tour of the Cahokia Courthouse, the site of legal hearings, postal services and other governmental activities when Lewis and Clark were in the area. Next, visit the 1799 Holy Family Church and Museum, one of only two vertical timber churches in North America. Then tour the 1810 Jarrot Mansion, the oldest brick home in Illinois.


Enjoy a delicious buffet lunch at the Shrine Restaurant at Our Lady of the Snows, which will include soups, Shrine salad, cold cuts and croissants, fruit salad, breads and beverages. Take a driving tour of the beautiful grounds after lunch.


Visit Cahokia Mounds, once the center of the largest civilization ever in North America until the late 1700s and one of only 22 United Nations World Heritage sites in America.. Visit the excellent interpretive center there and stroll among some of the mounds. The Mississippian Culture, peaking around the year 1200, built nearly 140 mounds on this site, of which only 63 remain, including the 100-foot-tall Monks' Mound.


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