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Board of Adjustment


The St. Peters Board of Adjustment acts on appeals or variances from the zoning and subdivision regulations that provide for the establishment of zoning and regulates land use in the City. An appeal for an interpretation of the zoning regulations of the City or a request for a variance in the requirements of the zoning regulations are the two types of requests which may be placed before the Board of Adjustment. A decision of the Board may be appealed by petition to the Circuit Court of St. Charles County.

The Board, established under the provisions of the City’s zoning and subdivision regulations as authorized by State law, is composed of five members and three alternate members. The members are volunteer residents, appointed for a term of five years each with an anniversary date of June 1 each year.

Regular meetings of the Board of Adjustment are held on the third Wednesday of the month at 6 p.m. at City Hall, unless otherwise noted. (The City is represented by the Planning Department.)


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