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October 28, 2022

GOLD GROW biosolids compost at Earth Centre


Missouri Municipal League Innovation Awards for GOLD GROW biosolids compost

We’re proud to say that the City of St. Peters won two top 2022 Innovation Awards at the Missouri Municipal League for our GOLD GROW biosolids compost program. GOLD GROW earned an MML Innovation Award in the Metro category (large cities with a population greater than 30,000) and was chosen by other municipalities around Missouri as the Members’ Choice winner among all award nominees!


The MML Innovation Awards program showcases municipal programs or projects that have been successfully implemented and demonstrate new approaches for solving the challenges that cities face.


GOLD GROW’s success has so much to do with you, our residents, because you supported St. Peters’ organic resources recycling efforts at St. Peters’ Earth Centre for decades—passing a key bond issue to invest in the program and buying GOLD GROW biosolids compost for your lawns and gardens.


Because of your support, Earth Centre’s composting program has always been at the leading edge for organic resources recycling, drawing industry awards and the attention of many communities around the nation and beyond. GOLD GROW is certified by the U.S. Composting Council as a Class A organic product. Many businesses in our region use GOLD GROW as powerful plant food, including many Missouri wineries!


In the past couple of years, the City of St. Peters branded Earth Centre’s Class A soil amendment as GOLD GROW Biosolids Compost with the tagline: The gold standard in biosolids compost. In 2021, St. Peters rolled out the branding effort and increased sales by 26%!


What is GOLD GROW and why is it so effective? Our team at Earth Centre combines yard waste and wastewater byproducts (biosolids) to create GOLD GROW biosolids compost. Biosolids provide rich nutrients that last the entire growing season so you won’t need to reapply (unlike artificial fertilizers). Biosolids composting is a sustainable process that reduces waste and associated costs, reduces the City’s carbon footprint, improves the quality of our soil and waterways, and helps manage storm water runoff.


You still have time this season to buy GOLD GROW biosolids compost and mulch at Earth Centre, 115 Ecology Dr. Product sales are open 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday through the end of the season on Nov. 22. Bring your Resident Privilege Card for low resident rates. We load the product onto your pickup truck or trailer. You also can bring 5-gallon buckets and fill them up for $1/bucket.


Learn more about Earth Centre and product availability at


Learn more about GOLD GROW and watch a video about this award-winning product at