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Rec-Plex Success: Strength, Setbacks, and Amazing Support

May 25, 2022

Shelly Warner - Rec-Plex success story 


Everyone has a turning point, a deciding moment that propels them to make a change. St. Peters resident Shelly Warner wanted to be in shape by the time she turned 50, and she did just that by losing close to 75 pounds.


Then the unexpected happened: breast cancer for a second time.


Shelly’s priorities quickly changed as her body started fighting back. After a round of chemo, a mastectomy, and another round of chemo, Shelly started to take back control of her life. Once again, Shelly overcame a major health battle with the support of her family. And, through all the setbacks, she would continue her fitness journey thanks to the encouragement and motivation she received from the supportive community she found at the St. Peters Rec-Plex.


Shelly lost about 115 pounds and is still going strong!


Watch this video about Shelly’s relentless journey full of perseverance through adversity (story continues below video):             


Shelly’s weight loss journey started by walking in her neighborhood and eating better. Shelly then found her way back to the Rec-Plex when she joined Christia Jones’ Aqua Aerobics class and accomplished even more fitness goals than she thought possible. 


“Christia Jones (pictured below) has been just amazing and really motivating in her classes,” says Shelly. “She has been the person to really push me, and I owe a lot of this journey to her. I’m so thankful that I met her.” 


Instructor Christia Jones leads Aqua Aerobics class 


Being in the water feels like a natural way to exercise for Shelly.


“I love the water! I was a swimmer in college, believe it or not,” says Shelly. She grew up with a pool in her backyard, and it was always her favorite pastime.  Nothing beats the freedom that comes with being in the water.


Shelly has participated in an impressive list of fitness races recently including a 15K run and swimming in the 2021 Rookies and Rock Stars Triathlon at the Rec-Plex. Shelly was beyond excited when her relay team came in first place. This pushed her to sign up for her first indoor triathlon and swim again in the 2022 Rookies and Rock Stars Triathlon.


Losing weight can seem like a daunting, overwhelming task. Shelly says, “Start small. Don’t beat yourself up if you have little setbacks or even big setbacks. You can always start again.” Every day is a new day to make small changes that make a big difference.


Shelly Warner at Aqua Aerobics class at Rec-Plex 


Don’t feel like you have to do this alone. The Rec-Plex offers you a community of motivators to help you along the way. Get started by finding an activity that suits you. Visit to learn more.


“And once you start seeing results. It’s so motivating,” Shelly says.