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How You Can Reduce Blue Bag Expenses & Keep Trash Bills Low

December 15, 2021

Blue Bags are critical to the success of the City of St. Peters’ dual stream approach to recycling. But, the cost of Blue Bags have nearly doubled! Here is how Blue Cart Crew members can help keep down waste collection bills:


Please use Blue Bags efficiently! Fill your Blue Bags all the way. You might be tempted to put out your Blue Bag on Trash Day even if it isn’t full. Please wait and fill your Blue Bag. You save money on your collection bill when you fill your Blue Bag as much as possible!


More than half of St. Peters’ households have enrolled in the Blue Cart Crew to receive rolls of Blue Bags to recycle. Paper items are placed in one Blue Bag, and containers in another. Separating the two types of materials helps avoid contamination, which makes our recycled goods marketable. This is important, because the more we recycle and resell used products, the more revenue we receive to offset costs and the fewer landfill fees we pay. The result is that you pay less for waste collection. And, we’re just about the only place where residents still get trash and recycling services two times each week—and many cities no longer have curbside recycling pickup available.


But, if we don’t use Blue Bags efficiently, it costs more for us to recycle, and that means you pay more in your waste collection bill.


PLEASE NOTE: Blue Cart Crew members also should be aware of this:
The latest batch of Blue Bags that we received have poor printing quality that makes it difficult to read the instructions. St. Peters residents also may receive Blue Bags with a message intended for Cottleville residents. Please use these Blue Bags for recycling the same as you normally would—and fill them to the top!