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Supply Chain and Labor Market Impacts Everyone, Including the City of St. Peters

December 15, 2021

Willott Road flashing beacon sign crosswalk at Oak Creek Park

Photo caption: This flashing beacon sign project to improve pedestrian safety on Willott Road at Oak Creek Park was delayed months due to supply chain issues.


Just like your family or your business, the City of St. Peters is dealing with rising costs and other challenges related to limited supply and increased demand. We’ve always looked for the most qualified professionals to join our outstanding team. Well, the tight labor market affects our ability to hire, just like it’s impacting businesses everywhere. Money is tighter. Deliveries are slower. Resources are stretched thin.


Each year, we prepare a City of St. Peters budget to fund the services and programs our staff provide to you, our residents. We work really hard to keep costs as low as possible and still deliver on important projects and great service. The effect of today’s market conditions is that some projects get delayed, some facility hours may be limited, and some services could be impacted. Here are some examples:
  • Items that contain metal and electronic components are often delayed for several months. For our Traffic Department, this affects traffic signal battery backup systems, poles for traffic lights and signals, and more.
  • Water and wastewater projects cost more and take longer due to the scarcity of PVC pipe.
  • Materials like paint used for pavement marking, LED bulbs for traffic signals, and the paper used for this issue of My Hometown magazine are in short supply and increasing in cost.
  • Shipping issues are delaying the addition of new weight training equipment ordered for the newly improved St. Peters Rec-Plex.
  • Unfilled part-time positions at the Rec-Plex result in reduced hours of operation. Throughout our entire organization, more and more positions remain open.
  • The cost of Blue Bags for recycling have nearly doubled! (Learn more about the costs of Blue Bags and how Blue Cart Crew members can reduce costs by filling Blue Bags all the way to the top.)
  • Budget Challenges


Your City team will soon go into our next budget planning season knowing that costs are likely to increase for many supplies, equipment and other items. We’ll continue to work hard to do the best we can for you, our residents, and navigate the uncertain conditions related to materials and labor. We apologize in advance and ask for your patience and understanding if some projects or services are affected. Please know, we’re doing the best we can for you.