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City of St. Peters’ Employee Wellness Efforts Recognized with Cigna Well-Being Award

November 1, 2021
The City of St. Peters cares about its employees, which is reflected by a new award the City received from its health plan administrator. St. Peters earned a 2021 Cigna Well-Being Award for demonstrating a strong commitment to improving the health and well-being of its employees through a workplace wellness program.


Called Be Well, St. Peters, the City of St. Peters’ employee wellness program encourages healthy choices and rewards healthy activities. Well-being programs and other healthy initiatives are developed from employee ideas and feedback. St. Peters employees also can track and share activities, participate in challenges and set health goals through an online workplace wellness platform and app. These wellness efforts support the City of St. Peters’ Employees First philosophy of building a talented, professional workforce to provide top-notch services to our residents and businesses.


“The City of St. Peters is a great place to work, which is important for building a community recognized as one of the Best Places to Live,” Mayor Len Pagano said. “One of the reasons why St. Peters attracts and retains excellent employees is that we care about our employees. I am pleased to hear that we were recognized for our wellness program, and I am proud that we provide our employees with the tools they need for their well-being.”


Caring for the wellness of City of St. Peters employees is a key to reducing health care costs and maintaining a productive workforce. In announcing that the City of St. Peters received its Well-Being Award, Cigna said that the organization is a leader in improving employee health, and “we are honored to recognize good partners like the City of St. Peters, who share our commitment to workplace wellness. Creating a healthy work environment is a rising focus and many employers are seeing lower health care costs as a result of wellness initiatives.”


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