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GROWING STRONG: 10% Census Increase

October 25, 2021

New Numbers Prompt Ward Changes

 Census St. Peters residents image


Thank you to everyone who answered the 2020 U.S. Census so that St. Peters could be fairly represented and receive all the resources from the federal government that we deserve! The Census count determined that our population in St. Peters grew by about 10% since 2010. We now have 57,732 people who call St. Peters My Hometown, an increase of 5,157 over the 52,575 population count in 2010.


We’re excited about the growth that we’ve seen in St. Peters. While we no longer experience the rapid rise in population and annexations like we did in the latter part of the 20th Century, we are doing a great job filling in development areas throughout the City.


The past decade’s housing growth wasn’t uniform across the entire City, however, which means that the population in our four aldermanic wards grew at different rates. This required some adjustments to the ward boundaries in order to balance ward populations and provide our residents with proper representation by our aldermen. In St. Peters, we have four wards with two aldermen representing each of those wards.


We worked to change ward boundaries in ways that would keep subdivisions entirely located within one ward and maintain uniform boundaries along major streets where possible. Here are the subdivisions that moved into new wards during this process:
  • Ward 1 to Ward 3: Spencer Hill, Carrington Estates, Cedar Ridge, Misty Valley Estates, Manors at Orchard Glen, Kindred Hill
  • Ward 2 to Ward 1: Homestead Estates, Lakes of Devondale
  • Ward 3 to Ward 1: Turnberry Bluff, Turnberry Gardens, Turnberry Place, Ellington Place, Braewood
  • Ward 4 to Ward 3: McClay Valley, Laurel Village, Prospect Point, Woodbriar


While not possible to balance out each ward exactly by population (14,433 people per ward), we were able to get close to that number while also taking into account which wards were most likely to grow through new residential development over the next decade. While Ward 1 (14,241 people) and Ward 4 (14,116) currently have fewer residents than Ward 2 (14,608) and Ward 3 (14,767), Ward 1 and 4 are positioned for more growth over the next decade. Ward 1 is home to the flourishing Town Centre/Special District west of Mid Rivers Mall, north of Mexico Road and east to the area around Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital. In the southern part of St. Peters, Ward 4 includes the growing Route 364 corridor.