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Amazing Transformation: Rec-Plex Member Loses 320 Pounds

August 24, 2021


We all have goals we set out to achieve, but sometimes the road to self-improvement is challenging, especially when it comes to losing a few pounds. Now, imagine trying to lose a few hundred pounds. Talk about a challenge!


Tyler WilliamsAt 540 pounds, Rec-Plex member Tyler Williams was facing down that difficult path. But with perseverance and some help along the way, he’s kept up the pace and lost hundreds of pounds. After hitting his max weight, he decided to make a change for a better, healthier life. Tyler always struggled with his weight growing up and had trouble maintaining goals lasting longer than a week. This time, it was going to be different. Tyler started small by watching how much he ate.


“When I was younger, food was always there, it was always available,” said Tyler. “I think what changed for me was finding those healthier options ... rather than the unhealthy options, the high-calorie foods.”


These early small steps got the ball rolling, but Tyler needed somewhere to work out and keep his weight loss on track. Next stop: The St. Peters Rec-Plex.


Tyler’s family moved to St. Peters when he was 5, and he remembers going to the Rec-Plex to swim. The place where he grew up having fun in the pool also became his first choice for self-improvement. Tyler found motivation not just from the results he saw on the scale, but also from the people cheering him on every time he walked through the Rec-Plex doors.


“The people here are amazing,” said Tyler. “That’s what kept me motivated in the long run, is having all these people to help me through my weight loss journey, and that makes a big difference.”


 Tyler lost a total of 321 pounds during a transformation that began in February 2019. His attitude toward food also transformed. Tyler studied culinary arts and joined the U.S. Army as a culinary specialist, with dreams of one day serving nutritious food to other people to help them live healthier lives.


Anyone’s weight loss journey is a difficult task, but Tyler urges others to keep going, and don’t give up. “It’s consistency. If you make it one week, you can make it two weeks, make it a month, make it a year,” said Tyler. “Even if you fail one day, go right back to the next day. It took me two years to lose 320 pounds ... it just takes time.”


Interested in checking out how the Rec-Plex can help you through your journey? Visit to learn more or stop by the Rec-Plex at 5200 Mexico Rd. to see for yourself all the fitness options this community jewel has to offer!