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Blue Cart Crew 'Recycle Right' Tips

June 22, 2021

To all of our Blue Cart Crew members, THANK YOU! Your dedication to using Blue Bags only for recycled goods helps Recycle City put the landfill on a diet. As we continue to recycle, we wanted to share some tips with you on recycling in St. Peters, so that you can continue to keep trash costs low and give recyclable materials a new life. 

To help us “Recycle Right,” here are some tips for Blue Cart Crew members:

  • Clean your containers before recycling. Containers with remaining waste in them cannot be recycled, so make sure to empty them out. Containers don’t need to be in pristine condition before recycling, but it helps if you fill them with water and swish it around first to rinse any remaining contents out before you Blue Bag them.
  • Keep lids on containers. Lids are only useful with the appropriate container. Without recycling both the lid and container together, the lid just ends up going to a landfill. In the case of plastic bottles, the lids actually weigh MORE than the bottle itself, making it more valuable to recycle bottles and lids together.
  • NO plastic bags. You can usually return your plastic bags back to the original store.
  • But, we will take envelopes with plastic windows. Recycle them in your Blue Bag for paper.
  • What if my piece of cardboard is too large for a Blue Bag? While smaller pieces of cardboard can fit along with other paper recyclables in your Blue Bag, you can simply leave larger pieces of cardboard in your trash cart to be separated at Recycle City.
  • You don’t need to remove plastic wrappers from your soda bottles. You can keep them on and recycle the bottles with other containers. Don’t forget to keep the lid on them, too!
  • When in doubt, throw it out! We would rather throw away one item that might have been recyclable than ruin an entire load of recyclable items by contaminating them all.
  • Get the STP Collects app. Not sure if you can recycle something? Download the STP Collects app on your device and use the Waste Wizard! Learn more on the City's Solid Waste Services page.

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