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How to Get Rid of Paint

June 1, 2021

Art for paint can disposal

Wondering what to do with those old, unwanted paint cans stacking up in storage? It depends on the type of paint ... but no matter the case, NEVER pour paint down household drains, toilets, storm sewers, or on the ground!

LATEX PAINT: You can dry out latex paint that you don’t need anymore and take a few steps to make the paint safe and acceptable for trash collection. First, open your paint cans to let the paint dry in a safe place away from children and pets. To help accelerate the drying process, you can add kitty litter. Home improvement stores also sell additives that dry out paint. Once the paint is dry and hard, you can safely dispose of the can in your trash cart.

OIL-BASED PAINT: Oil-based or alkyd paint is considered a household hazardous waste and CANNOT be put in your trash cart. St. Charles County Recycle Works on Triad South Drive accepts hazardous waste materials. There is a nominal fee for this service. Learn more about how you can dispose of hazardous household waste at Recycle Works.