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Put Some Water in the Party Boat

May 24, 2021

Karen Sullivan trainer 


No matter how you experienced school this past year – SCHOOL’s OUT for the summer! I'd like to put a few thoughts in the mind of those with vacations and summer parties on the horizon. This Trainer Tip obviously has to do with water. Not so much playing on the water, washing with water, or water fights; but drinking water (This is a favorite topic of mine -- in Cardio Interval Strength and Group Fitness Classes I frequently instruct my class to "Drink!").


I don't know if you realize how precious water is. While this planet is covered with a whopping 96% -- not all is drinkable. The human body is from 50-65%. Dehydration, like drought, is a life-threatening condition. If you've never felt the effects of dehydration you deserve a gold star. All you have to do is look to Mother Nature to understand dehydration. The crusty, cracked and dusty earth is a solid indicator of how important this precious commodity actually is for life on the planet. True? No argument here I assume. Anyone who has seen the ravages of drought can testify to this fact. Now consider the human body....a microcosm of the earth. When we see problems that a lack of water causes to our environment, the same thing happens in the human body.


The easy fix is to drink more. Below are suggestions on how you can do this!


  1. Water bottle reminders -- place 8 water bottles on the counter (or in the refrigerator) each day. As you drink one, move the empty to the other side of the sink. By the end of the day, you should have 8 empty bottles. In the interest of being green, you can use other markers instead of water bottles. These ideas are more "green" because you reuse the water glass or bottle.
       A. Straws and cups. Place 8 straws in a cup...move them to the completed cup. See the pattern here?
       B. In a work environment you can do something similar. One client of mine puts rubber bands on his left wrist. Throughout the day he moves them to his right wrist. Usually, he goes home with one remaining. He leaves them in the office for the next day and goes home knowing he can drink one more bottle in the evening with dinner.
  2. Party reminders. When we have social gatherings all thoughts of health normally go out the window. So, make it a rule (your personal rule of thumb) to drink a glass of water between each alcoholic drink. It is especially important when parties are in the surf, sand, or sun.


If there are problems with too many trips to the bathroom be assured that soon the body will adjust and use the water you are consuming and you'll make fewer trips. Your skin will look better. You may actually lose weight. (No promises because your food consumption must be considered for weight loss.) The body needs this. Don't blow it off because you can't remember or it's too inconvenient.


When you go out to party put water in a cooler on the boat, and then set sail. It will be a great day!


Be Well!