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Trainer Tips: Plan Your Spring Routine

March 29, 2021

Karen Sullivan trainer

Here comes the nice weather. Break out the walking (or running) shoes. Fill the tires with air and hit the bike trails. Lift weights until the cows come home. Yep, we are going to hit the goals we want this year and we will get it done fast. Well, getting it done is important – not so much the fast part! However, we all want to get to it. The cold is gone and we are ready to be healthier and happier. The good thing is that there is a ton of information available on how to exercise, eat, lift, run, walk and get in shape. So, let’s plan that workout.


What would you say if I told you that reaching your fitness goals is easier than you think? Start by not being fixated on what other people are doing! Once you have made a decision to improve your fitness you should design your plan and stick with it. You know the adage "the best diet is the one you stay on!"


The help of a professional is something I think you should consider. 


"Wait! What? What about the internet and designing your own program?"


Unfortunately, the internet doesn’t eliminate old news. EVERYTHING ever posted on the internet remains on the internet. So, some exercises may be old school – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – but the American College of Sports Medicine sometimes lets fitness instructors know that exercises aren’t to be used because the risk of injury outweighs the benefits. These are exercises you don’t want to be doing.


After 25+ years in this industry, I find that as people try to do it on their own they don’t always formulate the best plan of attack (so to speak). You can always tell if you are doing this because you watch what other people are doing and you may even switch from one diet to another every few weeks. It’s known as “diet hopping”.


Hiring a personal trainer or working with a fitness instructor can help eliminate the guesswork. My recommendation is that you take advantage of the fitness staff at the Rec-Plex and ask tough questions such as “Am I doing the best kind of workout for my body?" The Rec-Plex team of fitness instructors and trainers can help give you the guidance you need.


If the routine you are doing leaves you too sore to move, you might need to make adjustments. Remember you should feel amazing. Your energy should be off the charts, and you should be burning fat and maintaining your muscle mass. You will know if your program is working because you are energized, able to focus, and just feel great.


Here’s to Making St. Peters the Healthiest City in Missouri!


Karen Sullivan is a personal trainer and fitness instructor at the Rec-Plex. She has 30 years in the fitness industry and works with kids as young as 2 and adults up to 90.