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Little League Coach Recovers at the Rec-Plex

March 29, 2021

St. Peters Rec-Plex member Deon Anderson works and plays hard. He served in the Navy from 1988-2005, and when he’s not running his own company, he’s participating in sports, including coaching little league for over a decade. He aspires to help kids be their absolute best, and nothing is going to stop him … Not even his own body.


Deon’s love for the active lifestyle is met with one difficult challenge: Ever since he first injured his knee 30 years ago, he’s been in and out of the operating room. Ever since his first scope surgery in 1999, Deon’s dealt with continuing complications. His right knee’s cartilage started to break down after compensating for the left knee, and they’ve continued to alternate back and forth for medical attention. In total, Deon’s had 13 surgeries related to his knees.


Looking for a reliable place to assist in his recovery, Deon turned to the Rec-Plex. This world-class facility provided him with everything he needed to get back on track after his surgeries. 15 years later, he’s still a regular member. Deon even plans on working out with his boys at the Rec-Plex soon.


“Living in St. Peters, I can get up anytime and come here,” said Deon. “The hours are good ... They respect your space and everybody knows me, so it’s a pretty friendly atmosphere.”


Recovery is a long and hard road, but Deon’s determined to persevere and keep his energy up. After all, he isn’t just doing it for himself. He’s doing it so he can continue being a strong role model for the kids.


This story was adapted from a St. Peters Television (SPTV) video production. You can watch the video online at