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GOLD GROW Biosolids Compost: Recycled at Earth Centre ... Trusted by Experts!

April 1, 2021
GOLD GROW biosolids compost at Earth Centre

  • Nutrient-rich Plant Food
  • Compost that Experts Trust
  • Made Only at Earth Centre!


Did you know?

  • Experts such as lawn care specialists and vineyards love GOLD GROW compost … more than 9 out of 10 Missouri wineries use GOLD GROW for their grapes!
  • You have the power to improve GOLD GROW compost by placing only yard waste in Brown Carts!

In St. Peters, we turn waste into “gold” for your garden. How?


St. Peters’ Earth Centre combines biosolids from our wastewater with the yard waste from your yard. Our staff processes these naturally occurring items into the popular biosolids compost we call GOLD GROW! This way, instead of paying to get rid of our waste, we recycle it and make an amazing soil amendment that feeds lawns and gardens in our community.


St. Peters’ GOLD GROW is a high-quality, nationally certified Class A product that is constantly tested for safety. And, as a natural fertilizer, it can aid the growth of plants long into the growing season. That’s why it’s so popular with lawn care specialists and growers, including most Missouri vineyards.


You can only find GOLD GROW in “My Hometown, St Peters” by visiting Earth Centre, located at 115 Ecology Dr.


GOLD GROW compost and double-ground mulch are both available for sale at the lowest rates for Resident Privilege Card holders for up to 10 cubic yards of product per household, per calendar year. This amount also equals five pickup truck loads of product (compost and mulch combined).


Don’t have a pickup truck? You can also buy GOLD GROW by the 5-gallon bucket—for just $1 per bucket!