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Here's How St. Peters Residents Can Check if Their Yard Waste Collection Day Changes in March

February 10, 2021



If you live in St. Peters, there's about a 50/50 chance that the day of the week for your curbside yard waste service will change to a new day beginning March 1, 2021. There's an easy way for residents to find out right now if their yard waste service day will change:



  • Visit and follow the directions on how to check the St. Peters waste collection schedule for your address. An online tool allows residents to immediately see the day of their service.



Residents also can download the STP COLLECTS mobile app to have reminders about collection day sent straight to their phone. Learn more at


Why will the day for yard waste collection change for about half of St. Peters’ residents? The City of St. Peters is beginning a new yard waste collection plan on March 1 that will improve efficiency and keep utility costs low for St. Peters residents. This plan uses fewer trucks, spreading out service to collect yard waste four days a week instead of two. To make this change possible, half of the City’s subdivisions will have their curbside yard waste service changed to a new day of the week.


Each household in St. Peters will still receive yard waste collection service once per week, the same as before this change. Trash and Blue Bag recycling collection will NOT be affected.


Learn more at