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How to Maintain Social Distancing while Visiting Our Parks

March 30, 2020

With 26-plus miles of park trails in St. Peters, there is ample space for people to enjoy a walk, jog or bicycle ride during the COVID-19 pandemic.


But as you take in the fresh spring air, always be mindful of maintaining social distancing to help prevent the spread of the virus. Six feet of space between people is required, and groups larger than 10 are prohibited.


“That’s the biggest thing — just keep distance from each other and don't gather in one location together,” said Acting Manager of Parks and Golf Services Vicki Phillips. “There are a lot of activities that people can do in the parks that are solo. Absolutely, it’s huge to use the trails.”


Phillips said the majority of park trails are 10 feet wide, providing enough room to maintain social distancing. In cases where the trail is narrower, Phillips said she has observed people doing what it takes to remain 6 feet apart.


“If it was someone with a stroller, the stroller stayed on the trail and the walker went off the trail,” Phillips said. “If the trail was too narrow, most people’s etiquette forced them to step off of the trail. That’s a good thing.”


Walking, jogging and bicycling aren’t the only options available.


“Using the open green space for things like Frisbee is another,” Phillips said. “And using the tennis courts, as long as you’re truly social distancing. Our tennis courts are open and we hope people implement social-distancing behaviors. You have to be more than 6 feet apart to play tennis. There just shouldn’t be a crowd gather outside the court or anything like that.”


Sitting under pavilions in groups of 10 or fewer, with social distancing, also is permitted, as is fishing from the banks of 370 Lakeside Park, Laurel Park, Woodlands Sports Park and St. Peters Golf Club.