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Rec-Plex’s Youth Fitness Room a Hit with Kids and Parents

January 31, 2020

Youth Fitness Room January 2020

Kids warm up at a recent “Ready, Set, Move!” class in the Rec-Plex’s Youth Fitness Room


The Youth Fitness Room at St. Peters Rec-Plex does more than offer exercise and activity for Steve Drewes’ and Rachel Kamp’s two children.


It also provides peace of mind for the St. Charles couple.


“It gives us a good opportunity to get a workout and know the kids are taken care of and safe,” Steve said. “We don’t have to drop them off at some other location, come here and then go pick them back up. It makes the routine a lot easier.”


The Youth Fitness Room is free to children of Rec-Plex members and is available from 5 to 8:30 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8 a.m. to noon Saturday. Kids ages 7 to 12 enjoy games and activities under the supervision of Rec-Plex staff.


Children can stay as long as two hours.


Savannah Kamp and Lucas Drewes joined a group of revved-up youngsters on a recent Thursday, participating in two different Rec-Plex classes: Ready, Set, Move! and Bootcamp Basics.


Rachel said the Youth Fitness Room is a perfect fit for Savannah and Lucas.


“There aren’t a lot of places that will engage with your kids,” Rachel said. “You can drop them off and they’ll let them play with things, but this is nice because they’re getting activity and we’re also able to get our workout done. They had been asking to go to the gym for quite some time.

“Maybe it will be an incentive for (the kids) after they work out on Saturdays,” she said. “We can also go to the pool afterwards. We’re excited about that … especially during the winter to get some of their energy out.”


Rachel said the pool is another attractive family option on Saturdays.


Cheryl Haeffner, of St. Peters, has two sons, Douglas and Curtis, who are regular visitors to the Youth Fitness Room. Cheryl said two hours is ample time for her and her boys to exercise.


“I love the fact that this is for older kids,” Cheryl said. “We really enjoyed the day care option they had upstairs for the younger kids 6 and under (Tot Drop). But as they got older, they got bored with that room.


“Also, as they’ve also gotten older, they have a lot of energy to get out as well. So I really like this option. They can get some exercise, get some energy out, socialize a little bit, and I can exercise a little bit, too. It’s working for all of us.”


Cheryl appreciates the convenience of having her kids in the same building.


“If we didn’t have this, I wouldn’t have anywhere to go (with the kids),” she said. “I would be trying to work it out with a babysitter or something else.”


Exercise is important to Cheryl, who works during the day and looks forward to maintaining her fitness level in the evening.


“But by the same token, I’ve been away from (the boys) all day, so I want them to get some attention and be able to get some energy out,” Cheryl said. “This fits us all. It’s way better than being at home and watching TV or playing video games.”


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