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FLOOD WATCH: Truman Boulevard Closed South of Premier Parkway

May 25, 2019
Truman Boulevard is closed south of Premier Parkway to Sanford Cross Road due to flooding. Drivers exiting Highway 370 can access the areas south of Premier Parkway, including I-70, using a detour route from Premier Parkway to Executive Centre Parkway to Ehlmann Road. Signs will be posted along the detour route. Premier Parkway, the Premier/Truman intersection and the Highway 370 interchange at Truman/Lakeside Drive are in levee-protected areas and remain open. (See the attached map for the closure area and detour route.)

370 Lakeside Park is closed until further notice due to floodwaters overtopping the agricultural levee.

For flood watch updates, visit the City of St. Peters website online at and SPTV government channel.