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Mid Rivers Mall Drive Reopened at Railroad Crossing North of I-70

March 26, 2019



Mid Rivers Mall Drive reopened today, March 26, 2019, at the Norfolk-Southern railway crossing north of I-70. The road had been closed since Jan. 28, 2019, to allow Norfolk-Southern to reconstruct its railway crossing to accommodate lane and trail improvements as part of the City of St. Peters’ Mid Rivers Mall Drive Widening transportation project.


The new railway crossing is now wide enough to accommodate two northbound and two southbound traffic lanes, as well as a 10-foot wide bike and pedestrian trail.


The Mid Rivers Mall Drive Widening Project will improve safety and reduce congestion on Mid Rivers Mall Drive at I-70 north to Ecology Drive. Improvements already had been completed at the I-70 interchange, North Outer Road and Ecology Drive, plus a 10-foot wide trail was constructed from the interchange to Salt River Road.


The entire project is expected to be completed this spring. Remaining work includes completion of trail work near Main Street.


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