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Organization Helps Plant Trees Along Stream Bank

May 20, 2013
  • On a rainy Saturday, April 27, 2013, members of the Order of the Arrow volunteered their time and effort to plant 200 trees along a stream corridor in St. Peters. The volunteers planted trees along the stream corridor adjacent to the trail section at Ohmes Road and Country Crossing Estates. The City has been removing honeysuckle from this stream corridor, and the tree planting will help out-compete its reinvasion of the invasive species. The Order of the Arrow is an honor society extension of the Boy Scouts of America; members must be elected to the group. The primary goal of the honor group is to offer friendly and cheerful service. Thomas Officer, the service chairman for this Order of the Arrow (OA) district, volunteered his group for the tree planting effort.
  • The City of St. Peters has been clearing bush honeysuckle from selected stream corridors throughout the City. Bush honeysuckle is an invasive plant that is destroying the native ecosystem as they out-compete native plants. It spreads rapidly, generally when birds eat the ripening fruits in summer. Seedlings establish in areas lacking vegetation, especially in shady areas, since bush honeysuckle can tolerate moderate shade. Bush honeysuckle leafs out before many native plants, produces a lot of shade, and holds its foliage until November -- all of this inhibits the growth of other plants which prevents native plants from competing with an established shrub.
  • The City of St. Peters has been selectively removing bush honeysuckle by physical and chemical methods along stream sections throughout St. Peters. In an effort to minimize the risk of reinvasion of the honeysuckle, these areas will be planted with native species to reestablish a desirable mix of vegetation to help out-compete the honeysuckle. The City of St. Peters' Stream Team, which is registered with the Missouri Department of Conservation, received over 1,000 free native tree seedlings from Missouri Department of Conservation's stream-side tree replanting program. These trees will be planted in these renovated areas throughout the City.

 Tree Planting Volunteers