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Become a member of St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre and help keep the arts alive in our community! 

St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre provides a home base for several local arts organizations and arts educators, gallery space for area artists, a 306-seat auditorium for the performing arts, and limitless opportunities for everyone in the community to enrich their lives through the arts.


When you become a member of St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre, you’ll not only be supporting the arts locally, you’ll receive members-only discounts. You will also benefit by knowing that your contribution supports the quality of life in our community!


Membership runs one year from date of registration. For just $25 per year ($20 for youth up to 18 years of age and seniors 55-plus), you will receive the following: 


  • Discount on Cultural Arts Centre exhibition entries
  • $1 discount on admission to Arts Centre dances 
  • One annual 5 percent discount on a gallery rental



Jane Windish-2018-02-5800-Square-WEB

Jane Windish 

Old Monroe, Mo.


After teaching art for nearly 30 years, retired elementary school teacher Jane Windish has turned one of her lessons into her hobby.


“I started somewhere along the line, I don’t know, ages ago, doing yarns,” Jane reminisced. “I would have them in the classroom to do things with the children, but nothing like this.”


Jane was always a visual person, dabbling in paint, watercolors, pen and ink and even photography, but then she realized she also loved the touch and feel of working with fibers. And, so, she ventured into a whole new world of creating a different kind of art.


CLICK HERE to learn how Jane has turned crocheting and “playing with yarn” into an art form.

Phyllis Borgardt 2018-Square

Phyllis Borgardt

St. Peters, Mo.


For 84-year-old Phyllis Borgardt, art was once a way of escape when she was a child growing up in the Great Depression.


“Drawing began when a crayon was first placed in my hand as a very young child,” she said. “When you live out in the country and grew up in the time I did, you had to find ways to entertain yourself — so that’s how I did it.”


Recently retired, “the paintbrush calls again,” as Phyllis says, and she has begun exploring new forms of art, including doing pet portraits and illustrations for her books. Oh, by the way, she’s a writer, too, and is a member of both the Oak Leaf Artist Guild and the Saturday Writers Group at the Arts Centre.


CLICK HERE to read more about Phyllis’ story, including what inspired her to start writing and publishing books for the first time at 80 years old. 

Roxanna Cummings

Roxanna Cummings 

Bonne Terre, Mo.


A Washington University in St. Louis grad, Roxanna has been a member of the Arts Centre for four years and a photographer since the age of 10, when she got her first camera, which she still has to this day.


CLICK HERE to read more about Roxanna, her love for nature photography, what she loves about the Arts Centre and learn some photography tips.  

Melanie Priest

Melanie Priest 

Hazelwood, Mo.


Melanie Priest entered her first set of artwork, titled “Four Seasons,” in the “Big or Little” Art Show in the summer of 2017, the same year she joined the Arts Centre as a member. They are a set of four large canvases, each depicting a different season.


When she’s not painting landscapes, you can find her doing colored pencil portraits of her grandchildren.


CLICK HERE to read more. 

St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre

One St. Peters Centre Blvd.

(at City Hall)

St. Peters, Mo., 63376



9 a.m.-9 p.m.

Friday: 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Saturday: 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Sunday: Closed


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