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Ward 3 Alderman Terri Violet


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Terri Violet lives in the Applewood subdivision and has been a resident for 30 years. Alderman Violet is the first female veteran on the St. Peters Board of Aldermen. At the completion of her 6 years in military service she received an honorable discharge from The United States Navy. She studied at St. Charles Community College and is concentrating on Political Science. She and her husband, Jeff, have two children and six grandchildren.


Terri attends Calvary Church and is an active member on the worship team. She served as a volunteer with the American Red Cross in leadership roles as a Marketing and Communication Liaison and National Disaster Response Supervisor. Terri is a Team Manager for the annual Mike Bush Fantasy Baseball Camp for hearing impaired children in which the City of St. Peters is a sponsor (photo below). She is also a member of American Legion Post 313.


Alderman Violet has been a Neighborhood Watch Captain in St. Peters since 2008. She previously served on the St. Peters Veterans Memorial Commission as Chaplain and as an alternate Commissioner on the Planning and Zoning Commission. She was appointed as Alderman for Ward 3 in September of 2012. Alderman Violet currently serves as the Aldermanic Representative to the Veterans Memorial Commission


Mike Bush Fantasy Camp 2012 




Message from Alderman Violet

Respect, Honor & Gratitude

Having lived in St. Peters for 33 years, I have realized that St. Peters goes above and beyond to show respect and support to our veterans. When I visit local establishments, or speak at community events, I am repeatedly told “Thank you for your service!” It is normal for our loving community to honor our veterans. With gratitude, our City has chosen to show appreciation by honoring them through the Veterans Hall of Honor.
This program was created to potentially honor every veteran that has resided or resides in the City of St. Peters for their unselfish commitment to our great country. The only way it becomes possible to meet this vision is for residents to apply to the program. The cost is only $15 for each plaque. (The veteran’s DD 214 is required with the application.) If you are interested, you can download an application from, pick one up in the City Hall atrium lobby or contact me for further information. The application will explain more details.
Memorial Day is fast approaching so get your application in soon. If you have City-related questions, please contact me at (636) 734-1883 or email me at Please remember that your concern is my concern!


Our DNA Results Are In!

What do you know about your family history? Have you seen the advertisements for DNA testing? It has helped to open up a whole new world. In some cases, it has helped to solve decades old crimes. But in my case, it helped open the door to the uniting of previously unknown relatives. After taking a DNA test, close living family members showed up that I was unaware of having. Suddenly, I realized I had a lineage that could be traced back centuries. Members from my family tree have traced blood relatives back to the 1500s. I discovered that I am a descendant of a passenger on the Mayflower and a signer of the Mayflower compact!  His name, George Soule. Wow!
While thinking about this subject, I realized that cities have a type of DNA as well, and like DNA, it has seemingly invisible characteristics. Our body has many different kinds of cells that work continuously. Some of our very important services in the City of St. Peters are not seen by residents on a daily basis but our employees work very hard to give us a superior quality of life. The history of our City and its origin trace back many years with people who have poured their blood sweat and tears into it. As a city we have a DNA that has made us, according to Money Magazine, a #13 Best Places to Live in America as well as the highest-ranked city to live in Missouri! Double wow! We are truly blessed.
If you would like to read more about the DNA of our City, go online to and look through the wealth of information on our City’s website. If you have City-related questions, please contact me at 636-734-1883 or email me at Please remember that your concern is my concern!