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Alderman Rocky Reitmeyer - 2019


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John ‘Rocky’ Reitmeyer lives in Crystal Lake Estates and has been a resident over 20 years. He is a graduate of Northeast Missouri State University (now known as Truman State) and is retired from  Boeing Co. He and his wife, Gayle, have four children and five grandchildren.

Alderman Reitmeyer has served as a Ward 1 Alderman since April 2000.

Alderman Reitmeyer currently serves as Aldermanic representative on the Parks, Recreation & Arts Advisory Board (Golf Focus Committee). He also volunteers every month at the USO at Lambert Field.




Message from Alderman Reitmeyer

St. Peters Parks Offer So Much!

One of the things that really makes me proud of “My Hometown” St. Peters is our amazing parks system—wow, we have so much for everyone to enjoy! We have 25 parks with more than 1,300 acres of land. And, we have 27+ miles of paved trails to hike or bike through those parks. We keep adding trails, too, so be sure to check our website at for updates about our parks and trails.

Another great thing is that you don’t have to go far to reach a St. Peters park or trail. More than nine out of ten St. Peters residents live within a mile of a park or trail, and more than three out of four residents live within a half-mile of a park or trail.

We put together a park system with our residents in mind, so that you can enjoy the great outdoors without having to leave home. It’s truly amazing that we have something for so many different people— walkers, runners, bicyclists, kayakers, sports lovers, BMX bikers, fishermen and fisherwomen, campers, archers, dog lovers, golfers, picnickers, families looking for playgrounds and open spaces for their kids to let loose and work off that excess energy—and anyone looking for a peaceful outdoor getaway or a beautiful sunset to end the day. Many activities can be found at our 500-acre 370 Lakeside Park, where you can enjoy a 140-acre recreational lake and 5.5 miles of trails! You can spend days just having fun at 370 Lakeside Park, but we have so many other parks throughout our community that it could take weeks and maybe months to “do it all.” There might be a few things you didn’t even know you could do in our parks. Did you know that we have an outdoor exercise park and Bocce ball court at Nob Hill Park? The fitness park has everything you need for a great outdoor workout. Bring your own Bocce ball set to play Bocce ball, also known as lawn bowling.

To all of our residents please do not blow your grass in the streets of St. Peters. We have already received calls on backed up sewers and basements flooded. If you see your neighbor mowing and forgets clean up.  Please tell them it only takes a few minutes to blow it back in the grass or just sweep it up. Thank you!

Of course, we also have some wonderful monuments that offer a peaceful and welcoming setting to reflect on the sacrifices and accomplishments of the men and women who have served in our Armed Forces. Our Veterans Memorial site in City Centre Park is near the entrance to City Hall. The Veterans Memorial includes a granite memorial, statues honoring servicemen and servicewomen, and a Field of Honor with pools and fountains that provide a tranquil setting for reflection. You can also visit Korea/Vietnam Veterans Memorial South, located at the corner of Willott Road and Jungermann Road. This site compliments the Veterans Memorial at City Centre with monuments that Honor the Veterans of Korea and Vietnam War.

With all of these different things to do right here in St. Peters, your family could plan a “staycation” without having to leave our City’s parks!

Please keep in mind that our service members in the U.S. Armed Forces are always there to serve our nation. One way you can show you care is by saving your aluminum cans for our "Pennies for Patriots Program" and dropping them off on the west side of City Hall in the Brown Dumpster or at Recycle City in the big Blue Dumpster, or at the two large Blue containers at the Mayor Tom Brown Senior Center.  There will be a lot of 4th of July parties and graduation parties going on. Please save those cans!

All the money raised goes to the USO at Lambert Field for the guys and gals that serve us here and across the sea. It’s a home away from home to make their stay and the ones with families comfortable. God Bless You and God Bless America!

Please remember that as your alderman, my door is always open. Contact me with any concern you might have. I am proud to be your alderman and value your comments. My phone number is 636-485-5710. My e-mail address is



My Hometown Golf & Banquet Center

Have you had a chance to check out St. Peters Golf Club lately? If you play golf, it’s a fun way to enjoy an affordable day on a beautiful course. Even if you don’t play golf, you still want to come and check it out. Why? Because it also has an amazing banquet center that is perfect for all kinds of different events!

If you’re planning a wedding, a fundraiser, a business meeting, a conference, or any type of event with up to 300 people, you want to consider Water’s Edge Banquet Center at St. Peters Golf Club. We have friendly staff who can help you make your day perfect. And, the facility is beautiful. The scenic lake and fountain make for a beautiful backdrop visible from the event space. The veranda wraps around the banquet center for plenty of lakeside views that you can enjoy while seated with friends around the firepit tables.

It’s hard to believe that our grand opening for this Prop Q Quality of Life project was less than two years ago. Water’s Edge Banquet Center is already such an important part of our community. People are enjoying life’s most special events in a meeting space that feels high-end even if it’s on the affordable end.

Businesses are finding that the Water’s Edge Banquet Center is great for their events. We even had the governor visit for a ribbon-cutting ceremony recently, and I was proud to say that My Hometown’s Golf & Banquet Center really impressed everyone who attended!

Another way your organization can celebrate during a day of camaraderie is to have a special outdoor event at the Jerry B. Hollingsworth Event Pavilion. This is a wonderful outdoor venue for your next fundraiser, memorial benefit, business outing, team-building exercise, networking opportunity or any time you want a fun, worry-free event on the golf course!

And, if you want to get married along the water, you can do that too! The Water’s Edge Banquet Center has an Island Ceremony site that can accommodate up to 300 people right along the lake.

Don’t forget that Caddy’s bar and grill serves tasty food and drinks at St. Peters Golf Club. Talk about a really nice place to relax along the lake, enjoy some time with friends, and maybe watch a sporting event on one of the many large-screen TVs! You don’t have to play a round of golf or attend an event in order to enjoy Caddy’s. It’s open to the public!

A reminder that if you missed the Memorial Day Remembrance Ceremony when it aired live on SPTV, you can always find it on demand at This special takes a look back at how St. Peters honors all American soldiers who gave their lives to defend our country.


Please save those aluminum cans for our "Pennies for Patriots Program" and drop them off at Recycle City in the Blue container under the American flag or at the west side of City Hall in the Brown container provided, and at the Mayor Tom Brown Senior Center in the two Blue containers inside.

All the money raised goes to the USO at Lambert Field for the guys and gals that serve us here and across the sea. It’s a home away from home to make their stay comfortable. God Bless America!

Please remember that as your alderman, my door is always open. Contact me with any concern you might have. I am proud to be your alderman and value your comments. My phone number is 636-485-5710. My e-mail address is