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Patrick Barclay, Alderman President

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Patrick Barclay lives in Park Ridge Estates and has been a resident of the City since 1992. He is a graduate of State University of New York at Stony Brook where he received a B.A. in Political Science and History. He also attended the University of Missouri at St. Louis. Since 1990, he has worked at the FAA Weather Observing Office at Lambert St. Louis International Airport. He and his wife, Valerie, have three children.

Alderman Barclay has served as a Ward 4 Alderman since April 2002. He currently serves as the Aldermanic representative on the Parks, Recreation & Arts Advisory Board.




Message from Alderman Barclay

‘The King of Cardboard’

An end of an era just occurred. My good friend and Ward 4 partner, Don Aytes, retired from the St. Peters Board of Aldermen. He’ll leave behind a great legacy. His effect on so many aspects in the community will be felt for many years to come. One of the biggest is his dedication and commitment to the recycling program here in the City. Don would go out and put staff in contact with new businesses that he spoke to about bringing their boxes and containers to us. He was also instrumental in working with the Health and Environment Services department on the placement of dozens of drop-off dumpsters to make it easier for residents to recycle big pieces of cardboard that wouldn’t fit in their trashcan. No longer did people have to drive all the way up to the recycle plant. There are many reasons he was bestowed the title of “The King of Cardboard”. These are just a few, and I wish I had the space to tell you more.

Don will also be missed because he had a passion to be very personable with the residents. He took the time to listen and try and help them in any way he could. We were a perfect match because both of us always put those living in our ward first in everything we did. I’m sure that on some occasions I’ll still call him to get his opinion and help on various things happening in the City. This is because over his 30 years in office he has accumulated so much knowledge and experience on a wide variety of issues.

With the April election over, the voters have elected a new partner to work with me in Ward 4. I’d like to wish Nick Trupiano all the best as he starts his term as alderman. I’ve known him for many years and believe he’ll be an asset to the Board. His time as a member of several city commissions will help him with his new duties right away. Again, I want to wish Don a happy retirement and Nick success in his new role in St. Peters.



Street Repairs

The City of St. Peters maintains over 500 lane miles. About two-thirds are made out of concrete slabs.  The rest have asphalt overlays. Each year Mayor Pagano, the Board of Aldermen and staff sit down and create a budget to address many things. Included are repairs and replacement of parts of this massive network.


Annually, each section of road is rated 1 through 10. Those rated the lowest receive priority to be taken care of. For 2019, like every year, there is a manual that is about an inch thick. Inside it is a list of all the streets that will be worked on. Included is whether asphalt or concrete will be used. Other things like curb and sidewalk repairs are shown as well. If you live in Ward 4, you can find work to be performed in the southern part of the City by checking out my Facebook page. For those who live elsewhere in St. Peters, you may contact your own Aldermen.


In addition to scheduled work, our Streets Department receives additional locations throughout the year. If there are any repairs that you see in your neighborhood, please contact one of your elected officials. A concern will be entered and usually it can be taken care of rather quickly.


On a side note, another type of concern that can be addressed right away is when you see a street light out. Look at the pole and about three-quarters of the way up is a silver plaque. You’ll see either “SP”or “SPX” and followed by four numbers. If you get us that information, a couple of days later the light will be back on.


If I can ever be of service to you, feel free to contact me any time. My cell phone number is 636-795-8255 if you need to talk or send a text. Additionally, you can reach me by sending an email to or drop me a private message on Facebook. You can either search for me or log onto Each day I post news and important information about things regarding “Our Hometown.”


Thank you for your continued support. It’s an honor and a privilege to represent you on the St. Peters Board of Aldermen.