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Patrick Barclay lives in The Crossing at Bella Vista subdivision and has been a resident of the City since 1992. He is a graduate of the State University of New York at Stony Brook where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and History.  Since 1990, he has worked at the FAA Weather Observing Office at St. Louis Lambert International Airport.  He and his wife, Valerie, have three children.

Alderman Barclay has served as a Ward 4 Alderman since April 2002. He currently serves as an Aldermanic representative on the Parks, Recreation & Arts Advisory Board (Historical Focus Committee).




Message from Alderman Barclay

Ward 4 Road Work

Did you know that the City of St. Peters maintains approximately 550 lane miles of pavement?  About a third is constructed of asphalt and two thirds is concrete.  Each year we put money in the budget to repair and maintain the roads.  I try and do one article in the spring on what work will be done during the current fiscal year.  So, please read on to see if any work will be performed in your neighborhood.

First, let us look at streets that will have asphalt overlays take place.  They include sections of Cinnamon Hills Dr., Crescent Hills Dr., Gettysburg Landing, Greenwoods Ct., Heritage Landing and Terrestrial Dr.  Some curb replacements will also occur on them as well.

Second, many roads will have some concrete slabs replaced in Ward 4.  They include Deer Park Ct., Douglas Park Dr., Harvest Brown Ct., Harvest Green Ct., Harvest Meadow Ct., Harvest Meadow Dr., Harvest Point Ct., Harvester Rd. (south near Caulks Hill), Kisker Rd. (north of Route 364), Marcus Dr., McClay Village Circle, Millside Ct. and Red Mill Ct.

Joint and crack sealing throughout the Bella Vista subdivision and Sugar Wood Condominiums will take place.  Also, sections of Country Acres Dr., Crescent Woods Dr., Deer Meadow Ct., Greenfield Dr., Magloia Ct., Magnolia Ln., Mill Side Dr. and Prairie Meadow Ct. will be worked on too.

Finally, remember to keep an eye out for lane changes and other work on Route 364 over the next several months.  A new off ramp is being constructed east of Jungs Station Road and a new on ramp is being put in just west of S. Old Hwy 94.  When completed, it will help alleviate a lot of traffic on South and North St. Peters Parkway.

I’d like to ask everyone who sees any roads that need repair in Ward 4 to contact me.  Throughout the year I notice some cracks and potholes around the southern part of St. Peters and then I turn them in to get fixed.  Also, some residents help by pointing out additional places that need to be taken care of.  Once those locations are turned into the streets department, it usually only takes a short time to patch them.  Call me at 636-795-8255 if you see something that needs immediate attention.  If it is easier, feel free to send me an email at or message me on Facebook.


Severe Weather

Many people already know where I am employed.  For 30 years I have worked at the FAA Weather Observing Office at St. Louis-Lambert International Airport.  I am currently the Supervisor there and I have taken over 70,000 observations.  All observers at the office must train and then be certified in order to work there.  This is because we provide everyone with the current weather conditions that are used by the Air Traffic Control Tower, Federal Aviation Administration, National Weather Service and meteorologists.  This information helps with forecasting as well as airplanes safely landing and taking off.  We are also the official station for climatological data like snowfall and precipitation.


Severe weather can occur any time of the year.  The St. Louis metropolitan area experiences this annually.  One just has to look over the past several years to see that ice storms, tornados, thunderstorms and high winds have caused major damage to the region.


It is very important to be prepared when the weather is about to take a turn for the worse.  First, I think everyone should have a NOAA weather radio.  It is used by the National Weather Service to get updates out to the public about watches, warnings and other vital information.  Whenever needed, a tone goes off and immediately lets people know about approaching weather that you need to be aware of.  Watching the television for forecasts and radar information is critical too.  Knowing that something is approaching and listening what to do when it hits is the key to staying safe.
The next thing to remember is to plan for severe weather.  It’s going to happen and everyone should have a plan before it arrives.  Discuss with your family and co-workers what needs to be done when severe weather is approaching.  The most important thing is where everyone will go when danger is imminent.  The lowest level of the house or building should be used and a room with the most walls between you and the outside.  Stay as far away as possible from windows and exterior doors.  This helps give you additional protection from flying debris.


Finally, having an emergency kit ready in your home is very important as well.  You can include the weather radio, flashlights, extra batteries, bottled water, cell phone and other things you believe is needed.  Some people also include extra clothes, prescriptions, cash and food in the case of having to leave the structure for a few days.


Remember, have a plan.  Prepare a kit.  Know what to do before, during and after an emergency.


If I can ever be of service to you, feel free to contact me any time. My cell phone number is 636-795-8255 if you need to talk or send a text.  Additionally, you can send an email to or send me a private message on Facebook. You can either search for me or log onto