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Ward 4 Alderman Nick Trupiano


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Alderman Nick Trupiano - 2019 


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Alderman Nick Trupiano was elected to a four-year term as Ward 4 Alderman in April 2019. He currently serves as Aldermanic representative to the Planning & Zoning Commission.


Message from Alderman Trupiano

To a Brighter Tomorrow

As I write these words, we are about one month away from the one-year anniversary of the first identified COVID-19 case in our region. Fortunately, it looks like the end is finally in sight – more than half-a-million Missourians have already received a first dose of COVID vaccine and, with new vaccines gradually becoming available, more and more people in our community and across the state should be able to get vaccinated soon.

As we look forward to returning to normal life, I want to take a moment to recognize all of the workers who had to continue work in our community throughout the pandemic, the people who kept our community going throughout the past year. The essential retail workers who are keeping shelves stocked to ensure that our families have the food and medicine they need. The postal and delivery workers who make it possible for the rest of us to shelter in place, and our dedicated teachers and educators who have kept our children moving forward. Above all, I want to recognize our community’s health care workers who continue to work around the clock to care for those stricken with the virus and now distribute vaccines.

We are close to turning the corner on this pandemic, but each of us needs to do our part to get to the finish line. Please take a moment to sign up to get vaccinated (There’s a form and more information on the St. Charles County webpage:, and until you receive your vaccination, continue to keep wearing masks, practice social distancing, and avoid large gatherings. The more careful we are, the sooner things will get back to normal!


Best Wishes for 2021!

I think we are all relieved that 2020 is finally over.  I could go on and on recounting the tragedies that befell us last year, but in my mind the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it continues to have on our community—indeed on the entire world—looms largest, and while we are not yet past COVID-19 the end certainly seems in sight.

I think that most of us are ready to get back to normal!  I’m looking forward to seeing people face-to-face again, to be able to have meetings in person, to eat in restaurants and go to church without having to wear a mask.  But, there are steps that each of us have to make before things can return to normal.  Before vaccines are widely available we need to continue social distancing, continue wearing masks in public and avoiding—to the extent possible—spending time in crowded areas.  As COVID-19 vaccines become widely available, all of us who can need to be vaccinated so that we can defeat this deadly virus.

Finally, I hope that once things do return to normal, when we can gather and meet face to face again, that we do so with a renewed and deepened sense of community and concern for each other.

Once we are past COVID-19—and again the end seems in sight—I hope all of us become more engaged in our community and that our churches, our HOA meetings, subdivision gatherings, City of St. Peters events, National Night Out, holiday festivities and our civic organizations all bustle with activity.  After a year like 2020, I think most of us will need that!  Stay safe and have a happy and healthy 2021!