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Ward 2 Alderman Judy Bateman


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Alderman Judy Bateman - 2020

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Judy Bateman lives in Country Hill South and has been a resident over 32 years. She works as a real estate agent with STL Buy and Sell Real Estate. Judy and her husband, Al, have five children.


Elected in April 2007 to serve the residents of Ward 2 for four years, Judy previously served as an Alderman for Ward 2 from 1991 to 2001.


Alderman Bateman also serves as President of the St. Charles County Municipal League.


Alderman Bateman currently serves as Aldermanic Representative on the Planning and Zoning Commission.




Message from Alderman Bateman

A Fresh Start

Welcome, Spring! The birds are singing and flowers are blooming, and our beautiful City is emerging from the cold, snowy weather we experienced in the early months of 2021.


I know with the past year and many of us confined to our homes the thrill of riding & walking our trails is a welcome to the fresh start of Spring.


Our City has many exciting new projects coming to our hometown in the next few weeks. The jobs created by our new employers will be a great advantage to our county as hiring local is a perfect plan to get employees that don’t have to travel a long distance … Speaking of distance, our Justice Center served our county government well during 2021 in the height of the pandemic. Our facility was designed to allow the officials and staff to be 6 feet apart while other government centers were reduced to zoom meetings during 2020. We hosted the county government and allowed them to conduct their business and keep a safe distance. Communities working together is always a win-win.


Another win-win I want to let our residents know about is our St Charles County Youth  Advisory Council. Teens aged 13-18 are forming subcommittees to involve our youth in the county they live in to help plan future projects that can benefit the entire county. Our group will focus on recreational and environmental topics and also learn about various governments throughout the region. The time commitment is one meeting per month and possibly a separate date for visiting county facilities. We will have adults to chaperone and if anyone wants to know more about this group, please contact me. Thank you as always for letting me represent you in our City.


Happy Fall

Happy Fall to all of our residents in our beautiful city. Many people feel this season is the best of the four seasons. I consider it one of my favorites because of the beauty in the colorful trees and scenic road trips we can all enjoy this year.


Speaking of this year…. This has been a challenge and unprecedented time for all of us throughout the world; each day we hope for a decline in COVID cases and a steady return to our normal lives before quarantines and cancellations, school activities curtailed, virtual meetings, and social distancing. I miss the hugs, the handshakes, and the smiles we could see outside of the masks. There are many ways we can help others get through this pandemic, and because of the season of Thanksgiving I know the pride and satisfaction we can all experience when we send a simple card or note to our seniors and others confined to nursing homes and hospitals. Volunteering to assist others is gratifying and necessary in these times when so much division is throughout our country.


As we sit down this year to our traditional family Thanksgiving dinner, whether we are all together or miles apart, we can reflect on this past year and be grateful we have gotten through the year with hope awaiting in 2021. I hope all of you enjoy your holidays and stay optimistic that the best is yet to come! 


Please contact me at anytime to discuss any issue or concern you want to see addressed, I am proud and privileged to be your voice at City Hall.