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Alderman Joyce Townsend - 2019 

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Alderman Joyce Townsend has lived in Ward One St. Peters for more than 30 years, and has been married to Keith for more than 35 years. She graduated from St. Charles High School, has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from UMSL, and has owned and operated three successful home-based businesses. 


She served as Alderman Ward One from 1996-2000, and then chose to stay home to raise her family's four children. During this time she and her husband were both very involved in Boy Scouting and Girl Scouting, and she served as a Leave No Trace trainer, teaching environmentally sound camping and backpacking practices to both groups of Scouts. 


In her private life, Alderman Townsend is a member of the Saint Charles Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, one of the country’s premier Veterans’ service organizations. Her interests include genealogy research, public speaking and historical storytelling, gardening, and needlework. She is now the proud grandmother of three beautiful grandchildren.   


Alderman Townsend currently serves as Scouting liaison to the Board of Aldermen as well as an Aldermanic Representative to the Parks, Recreation & Arts Advisory Board (Historical focus group).




Message from Alderman Townsend

Welcome, Spring!

Winter is almost behind us.  The grass will be greening up, the daffodils are already showing off their leaves, and the crocuses are almost finished with their annual appearance.  I look forward to the gardening chores that warm weather brings every year.  I always hope to produce an abundance of fresh food for my family and beautiful blooms for our eyes.  Of course, I never quite live up to my expectations – my green thumb goes brown every once in a while – but it’s fun anticipating the new life and promise that Spring brings.


Another thing I look forward to is our City’s budget process.  Each year in February we meet with Group Managers and discuss various ideas for the coming years, and then in April we get together again to see what kind of projects are actually possible.  So March is a busy time for our Staff and Managers, as they set about drafting out a budget that we can all live with.  Over the Summer we will meet again, numerous times, until it is a finely tuned document that you, our Residents, can have confidence in.


So get those lawn mowers tuned up, go buy some seeds and potting soil, or just stroll through one of the local store’s floral displays.  Get into “defrost mode” and enjoy these warming days.  Feel free to call or email me any time I can be of assistance with City questions or concerns.


Help with History and Service Hours for Scouts

The Historical Focus Committee is busy getting facts together for a series of articles next year.  We plan to feature old businesses that started and events that have occurred in each month of the year.  I hope you enjoy learning a bit about our City’s past.  And, our Committee is looking for more participants.  We need you!  Join us at the next meeting, scheduled for Jan 7 at 6:30. Call me for details.


Last month I was officially given the position of Scouting Liaison by the Board of Aldermen.  I appreciate this move that gives me the ability to pass on volunteer opportunities to our local Scouts on their websites and at their leader meetings.  Until this position appointment, I had been limited to word of mouth.  This will enable the City to benefit even more from the many service hours Scouts are required to perform, while giving them more opportunities to choose from.  For instance, now I can ask for more participants for our Cheer Committee to send much needed cards and letters to our elderly residents in the Meals on Wheels program. Volunteering is such a fulfilling way to spend your time.  Please consider joining us in one of the many areas that need assistance.  Call City Hall and ask for the Volunteer Coordinator.


Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday season.  May your New Year celebrations include thanksgiving for all the blessings we have.  As always, it is a pleasure and a privilege to be your Alderman.  If I can answer your concerns or questions, please call me at 636-357-2789, or email me at