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Ward 2 Alderman Jerry Hollingsworth

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Jerry Hollingsworth lives in Country Crossing Estates and has been a City resident over 25 years. He is a college graduate and is a partner with St. Charles Insurance Agency. He and his wife, Donna, have three children.

Serving the St. Peters residents since April 1992, Alderman Hollingsworth was re-elected in April 2016 to serve as Ward 2 Alderman for a four-year term. He serves as an Aldermanic representative to the Parks, Recreation & Arts Advisory Board. He was appointed in April 2007 by Governor Matt Blunt to the Missouri State Park Advisory Board.



Message from Alderman Hollingsworth

Sip and Savor

If you’re looking for a fun event with a chance to sample great food from local restaurants and sip selections from local wineries and breweries, do yourself a favor and check out Sip and Savor this year at 370 Lakeside Park on Thursday, Sept. 6, from 5-8 p.m. This event presented by Greater St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce is in its 20th year and has grown bigger and better along the lake at 370 Lakeside Park.

In addition to trying many great local food and beverages, you also can enjoy live entertainment … it’s a perfect date night or outing for you and your friends!

As I write this column, I count more than 40 vendors who will participate and offer a wide variety of food and beverages—from seafood to pizza to desserts, local brewpubs to home brewers to wineries, popular neighborhood restaurants to newly opened businesses to specialty shops. The list of vendors just keeps growing!

Wade Trent will put on a country concert at 5 p.m. Ashley Lusk, a former American Idol contestant, will perform at 6 p.m. And Clayton Jones will cap off the evening’s entertainment with pop music at 7 p.m.

Go to to see all of the vendors who will participate this year, learn more about the entertainers, and check out ticket information. Tickets cost $30 for early orders and $35 per person the week of the event, with a group rate available. You can also call the Chamber office at 636-946-0633 to learn more.

A great thing about Sip and Savor is that it really highlights all we have to offer in St. Charles County. You don’t have to cross the bridge to have a good time and enjoy wonderful food and drinks in friendly neighborhood businesses and shops. Get your tickets now to come out to 370 Lakeside Park on Sept. 6 to “sip and savor” some of the best offerings in St. Peters and St. Charles County! Please drink responsibly.



Keep Yard Waste Out of Storm Drains

In 2012, a large majority of St. Peters voters approved Proposition P, a four-tenths of a cent increase in our sales tax to fund parks and stormwater improvements. Prop P has made it possible for our City to both maintain our parks and complete major improvements to neighborhood streams and stormwater basins.


Since we started collecting the extra tax revenue in 2013, the City has spent $11.2 million to reconstruct 26 stormwater basins and 11 stream segments impacting 32 subdivisions. Looking forward, we’ve identified another two dozen projects valued at over $34 million that we plan to complete in the next five years. These projects help us control erosion in our waterways, address neighborhood flooding issues and improve water quality.


Obviously, we’ve invested a lot of money and resources into stormwater improvements for our community. Unfortunately, some of the things that people are doing with their yard waste can cause problems that offset the progress we’re making with Prop P. For example, if you blow your grass clippings or leaves into the street, they end up in our storm drains. Storm drains lead to streams, and we do not want to dump waste into them for reasons that can affect our waterways but also can negatively impact our homes.


Please remember that the storm drains you see along the curbs on your street are designed to lead stormwater away from your neighborhood. Rain that runs off pavement during storms needs somewhere to go, or it will back up and cause flooding—possibly damaging your home or your neighbors’ homes.


As you do yard work or pick up leaves, remember that it’s not OK (and, it’s illegal) to blow grass clippings, leaves or other debris into the street. That yard waste will eventually make its way to a storm drain near your home. The waste can clog that drain, and if there’s a big rain event, the waste you sent into the street might result in floodwater reaching your home or a neighbor’s home.


If the yard waste makes it to a stream near your home, that also can cause some major problems for you. And, the same goes for yard waste illegally dumped or stacked on a stream bank. This yard waste covers and destroys the underlying vegetation on a stream bank, and that causes the soil to erode. In time, erosion can cause trees to fall, blocking the stream and increasing the chances of flooding. If the erosion continues, the bank can start eating into your property. Native trees, shrubs and grasses like the ones planted in our Prop P projects form deep root systems that bind and hold stream banks together. We’ve seen some massive stream bank failures in creeks that lost their vegetation.


Please, choose to recycle your yard waste. Each St. Peters home is entitled to one free yard waste cart, which you can wheel around your property for easy use. Residents can receive additional yard waste carts at a low annual fee of $15 per cart. You can also use yard waste bags during a few months of the year. Yard waste bags are allowed for leaves during the months of October, November and December, and again for leaves and garden materials in March. You can place as many as 20 bags for each pickup. And, residents also can drop off yard waste at no extra charge at St. Peters’ Earth Centre during regular business hours.


When you recycle yard waste, it gets a new life as mulch or compost as part of St. Peters’ award-winning Organic Resource Recycling Program.


CLICK HERE to learn more about stormwater management in St. Peters. CLICK HERE to learn about more yard waste collection.






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