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Ward 2 Alderman Dr. Gregg Sartorius


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Alderman Dr. Gregg Sartorius - November 2020View Message from Alderman Sartorius






Dr. Gregg S. Sartorius lives in the Country Crossing subdivision and has been a resident for over 25 years. He is married to Paula and they have three children and six grandchildren. They are a Blue Star family, with one son serving in the U.S. Navy. Dr. Sartorius is retired from the Fort Zumwalt School District as an administrator after serving 28 years in education.  He received his Doctorate degree from St. Louis University in 1996.  He was also granted scholarships to attend the year-long State Leadership Academy and the Character Education Academy.  He has taught educational administration courses for the University of Missouri-St. Louis and Lindenwood University for 20 years.


Dr. Sartorius was elected to the Lewis and Clark Discovery Expedition of St. Charles in 2003 and was appointed chairman of the board for the entire Bicentennial of the Lewis and Clark Expedition from 2004-2006, which traveled the route across the Northwest to the Pacific Ocean and back.  Their success on this re-enactment would not have occurred without the policy manual and guidelines he developed prior to the crew leaving St. Charles in May 2004.   


He has served the community in a variety of ways over the years. He is currently and has been a Trustee for his neighborhood for eighteen years, has served as the chairman of the Cultural Arts Advisory Board, chairman of the Millennium Commission, and more recently, on the Personnel Review Board and Board of Adjustments for the City until his election to Alderman of Ward 2 in June 2020.   


“I look forward to serving the citizens of St. Peters, and more specifically the residents of Ward 2.  With the professional staff that the City employs, many initiatives and projects will continue to make St. Peters, Missouri safe and a great place to live, work and play!”


Dr. Gregg Sartorius is an Aldermanic Representative to the Parks, Recreation & Arts Advisory Board (Sustainability Focus Committee)


Message from Alderman Sartorius

GOLD GROW Compost & Yard Waste Collection

With spring upon us, I wanted to remind residents that the St. Peters Earth Centre at 115 Ecology Drive processes brush, grass clippings, leaves, and other organic material into mulch and GOLD GROW compost. Earth Centre yard waste drop-off is open to the public. St. Peters residents with a Resident Privilege Card can drop off up to 10 cubic yards per year at no charge and purchase GOLD GROW compost and mulch at a discount for up to 10 cubic yards per household per year. Non-resident rates apply for customers without a Resident Privilege Card. Earth Centre hours vary and can be affected by weather and holidays. Please be sure to check here for availability before visiting us!

If using your yard waste cart (the brown cart) please be sure to only place leaves, grass clippings, garden waste and small branches up to 3 feet long into the cart.  Your pick-up day may have changed for this year.  To find out if you have a new day of the week for your yard waste pick-up, please visit and enter your address in the the “My Schedule” feature of the STP COLLECTS widget. You will see all of your upcoming collection dates. Download the STP COLLECTS while you’re on that page so that you can receive trash day reminders directly to your mobile phone!


Enroll Now to Recycle with Blue Bags

Recently my neighbor stated that he tied a blue bag to the back of his trash cart, but the trash truck driver didn't drop off a new roll of bags.  I explained to him that he needed to sign-up on the City's website for the Blue Cart Crew program.  I shared with him how to sign up to participate and receive blue recycle bags and a new Blue Cart … It’s Free!

Go to or call 636-970-1456.  Tips on recycling are in the September/October 2020 My Hometown magazine, as well as the STP Collects – Free App ( When he signs up he will receive the Blue Bags for recycling, as well as a new Blue Cart (or Blue Cart Crew sticker on his existing green cart, if he chooses) at some point in the future. 

As the aldermanic representative for the Sustainability Focus Group, I want to remind our residents of some of the many ways to Go Green.  Below is a list of suggestions from the committee:

  • Change traditional light bulbs to CFL or LED and use skylights when available to reduce demand on energy;
  • Run the dishwasher only when full.  The average dishwasher uses six gallons of water per cycle.  Energy Star rated dishwashers average about four gallons per cycle.  Your faucet uses two gallons of water per minute;
  • Unplug electronic devices when not in use when feasible.  This will save energy and reduce your monthly electric bill;
  • Stop unwanted mail! Visit  There is a two-dollar processing fee for this service;
  • Always recycle! Use coffee mugs versus paper cups, especially at work or when out and about;
  • Use a lunch box versus paper bags for your lunch or dinner;
  • Use dish clothes or old towels versus paper towels;
  • Carry your own reusable shopping bags when out shopping;
  • Use re-usable water bottles versus single-use water bottles.

Together as a community, we can make a difference in preserving of natural beauty and environment in St. Peters, Missouri and across the nation.