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Court Record Request

  1. Please Note

    This form is for court records only. For all other types of records, please use the Public Record Request Form.

  2. Defendant Information

  3. Describe the records as specifically as possible. If you are requesting records that cover only a particular period, such as last year or a specific month, please identify that time period.

  4. Records & Receipt Details

  5. If Requesting Confidential Records

    Court records in cases that have been dismissed, nolle pros (dismissed by prosecutor), resulted in acquittal or involve a completed suspended imposition of sentence probation are confidential (non-public) records under Missouri Sunshine Law 610.105.

    Confidential records may be released to :

    • The defendant
    • The attorney of record in the case
    • Under exceptions authorized by law or order
    • With a signed, notarized release from the defendant

    If requesting confidential records, please complete this Authorization to Release Records Form (PDF) and return to the court.

  6. Delivery Method:*
  7. You will be contacted prior to any research or document search/duplication if the estimated cost exceeds the amount listed.

  8. Requestor Information

  9. Acknowledgement*

    In accordance with the Missouri Sunshine Law, Chapter 610 of the Missouri State Statutes, the City of St. Peters may collect fees for document searches and duplication incurred by the City to provide requested information. Research time required for fulfilling record requests may be charged at the actual cost of research time. There is a provision in the City's Public Records Policy for payment of such costs to provide requested information. The court will respond to your request within 3 working days but the actual production of records may take longer.

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