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General Forms

  1. GIS Printed Map Form
  1. Website Feedback or Questions

    Visitors can use this form to submit feedback or ask questions about our website.


  1. Block Party Permit Application
  2. Resident Camera Program

    You can help keep your neighborhood safe. Let your Police Department know about your security cameras.

  3. St. Peters Police Event Registration

    2023 Trunk or Treat

  1. Parade Permit Application
  2. St. Peters PD Neighborhood News Sign-Up


  1. GYMNASIUM Rental Request Form

    Please fill out the form in order to request rental of the Rec-Plex North and South Gymnasiums.


  1. Volunteer Application

    Application for St. Peters Volunteer Program

Trash & Recycling

  1. Blue Cart Crew Enrollment

    Enroll in your city's recycling program.

  1. Bulky Trash Pickup Request

    Use this form to request a bulky trash pickup.

Utility Billing Account Management

  1. Utility Account Information Update

    Please update the information we have on file for your Utility Billing Account

  2. Utility Service Turn Off Form

    Moving out? Stop your water / sewer / trash / yard waste service.

  1. Utility Billing Bank Draft Authorization

    Pay automatically from your bank account by filling out this form.

  2. Utility Service Turn On Form

    Moving in? Start your water / sewer / trash / yard waste service.

Utility Billing Information Request

  1. Title Company Inquiry Form

    Are you with a title company? Use this form to request information.