What can be done about my neighbor's dog barking all the time?

Some dogs may feel more responsibility to protect their home when their owner is not there and may be a problem barker only when the neighbors are gone. You can help by letting your neighbors know when their dog's barking is a problem. Your neighbor may not be aware and chances are if you tell them, they will take steps to resolve the annoyance.

You can report the problem to Animal Control. Please leave your name, address and phone number. It is difficult to solve these problems without a known complainant whom we can call and ask questions of during the investigation.

We will speak to the pet owner, notifying them of the concern and offering them the option of using our no-bark collars. If the problem continues after we have spoken to them twice, you will be asked to sign a formal complaint and video tape the dog barking or have one or more neighbors sign a complaint with you. At that time, we will issue a summons for the pet owner to appear in court. You and any other complainants will be required to appear to testify on the complaint.

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